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HMRC’s R&D Tax Changes
HMRC is introducing a R&D tax reform in hopes to eradicate fraud and abuse of the research and development tax credit scheme...Read More.
How Much is Moe's Tavern Worth?
We’re pretty big Simpsons fans here at Bizdaq, so we didn’t need to do too much research to work out how many customers Moe has, how much he charges and how much he makes...Read More
What Would a Retirement Age of 75 Mean for Workers?
At Bizdaq we’ve worked with thousands of people looking to buy and sell businesses, and in recent years we’ve seen an increase in the average age of retiring business owners...Read More
Pulled a Sickie on National Sickie Day? These are the Worst Excuses People Used
Monday 1st February was National Pull a Sickie Day – a day where people are encouraged to take a sick day and enjoy a three day weekend. Most people will usually stick to the...Read More
How Much is EastEnders' Queen Vic Worth?
The other side of the soap pub battle, there’s decidedly more people being told to get outta the Queen Vic than there is the Rovers Return. Is this really a technique that’s going…Read More
How Much is the Rovers Return Worth?
Situated on Coronation Street, the Rovers Return is the local pub of choice for anyone on the street and surrounding areas. With few new visitors, how will this affect its value?…Read More
How Much is Central Perk Worth?
The Manhattan location of Central Perk should have made it easy to get customers, but the café always seemed perplexingly under-visited, to the point where one orange couch…Read More
How Much is the Drunken Clam Worth?
The Rovers Return vs Queen Vic of the animated world, the Drunken Clam is the bar of choice in Family Guy and the animated rival to Moe’s. The Drunken Clam is always busier than…Read More
Online Business Ideas
If you’re looking to bootstrap an online business with only a modest amount of capital, you’d do well to consider starting it up online. Rather than spending valuable…Read More
Interview With a Graduate Entrepreneur
Students and graduates are often amongst the best entrepreneurs – they have the drive and energy to start a business, with their place of study behind them to help. In the…Read More
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