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How Does Bizdaq Value a Business?

To put it simply, we’ve got a really clever tool - we call it our Valuation Calculator… cool name, right? 

We’ll ask you 3 simple questions about your business. This information is combined with our knowledge of the market to provide you with a valuation range which you might expect to achieve for your sale 

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Why Bizdaq?

How to Value a Business

Wondering “how do I value my business?” well, you’re not alone - this is a common question 

There are lots of ways to value a business to find out how much a company is worth. The most common way is to base the valuation on turnover or net profit 

If you’re valuing a company based on net profit, you must make sure you adjust your figures by adding back any exceptional costs that the business has incurred. Then, use a market multiple and consider any assets and liabilities to work out how much your business is worth 

It might seem like working out the value of a business is complicated, but an accurate company valuation is key to balancing getting the highest price vs. a quick business sale 

But it doesn’t have to be complicated, with our free Valuation Calculator we’ll do the hard work for you 

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