Bizdaq is the highest rated business agent. We will sell your business faster and easier for a low fixed fee.

Your agency fee includes everything you need to complete the sale of your business from marketing to full sale support.
You can continue using our service until you sell. We don’t tie you into a contract, so you are free to stop your sale at any point without any penalties.
Bizdaq offers all the services of a traditional agency but we’ve removed the unnecessary costs such as salespeople and expensive offices, passing the savings back onto you. We’ve mixed great people and expertise with powerful technology to ensure you sell your business faster and easier for a low fixed fee.
Even if you are already listed on another online service or have a contract with a traditional agent or broker - you can still list on Bizdaq.
Our terms are simple and easy to understand. Sellers choose from one of our two fees to sell your business, regardless of how long it takes. Buyer ca use our service for free - you can ready our full terms of service clicking here.
You can arrange a valuation with one of our business experts directly on our website by clicking here. You can also use our instant valuation tool to get a good idea of the value of your business.
Payment of your fee will be taken once you agree to use our service, and if you are due to pay a commission, you will be asked to pay this fee once you have your sale funds in your bank.
We have multiple boosts available during your sale including; premium listings, homepage listings, mail shots, professional photography, e-brochures and EPC certificates.
You can control every aspect of your sale at the click of a button. Arrange or agree to viewings, respond to enquiries, negotiate and accept offers all from your Bizdaq account. Our friendly experts are always available to help when you need them.
You can arrange a viewing as both a seller and a buyer through the messages function in your account. There is even a handy tool for you to propose your available dates and times to meet.
When you receive an offer, you have the ability to negotiate by making a counter offer, rejecting the offer or accepting the offer. Once accepted, our platform will generate a heads of terms agreement for both you and the buyer to sign. Then, one of our business experts will be in touch, to offer further guidance if needed.