Bizdaq General FAQs

If Bizdaq is a completely free service, what’s the catch?

Let’s be clear – there’s no catch

Free means free

As we’re an online platform, it means we don’t have the pricey overheads that traditional agents often do

We’re not hiding anything; we just knew too much money was being wasted with costly fees in the business selling market and something had to change…

What is the difference between Bizdaq and a traditional business broker?

We’re glad you asked (brokers are not)…

That’s because we both sell businesses, but with Bizdaq, we sell your business for free, with the same high-quality service offered by a traditional agent – all via our digital platform

That’s right, no more costly fees charged by traditional brokers - we’re here to disrupt

How do I arrange viewings?

All interactions between buyers and sellers can be done in your account area

If you’re a buyer, you can request a viewing of the business you want to see

Once you’ve requested to view the business, the seller will confirm if the date and time is suitable. If not - you can use the messages area to liaise another time

What happens when an offer is made?

Once the seller accepts an offer, the business will be listed as sold, and our work at Bizdaq is done!

But don’t worry, you won’t be left in the dark – we’ll send you info on how to proceed

What if I need to contact the Bizdaq team?

We hope you don’t have any issues, but we’re here if you really need us

Drop us an email on

How can Bizdaq grow my business?

Bizdaq is the go-to place to grow your business

We provide entrepreneurs, business owners or those looking to buy with essential guides and insights

Join the fastest growing worldwide business community here

Who can sell a business?

Bizdaq is for everyone

If you have a business you want to sell, Bizdaq is the place to do it

It’s free, quick & easy

Do buyers and sellers connect directly?

Yes. Don’t worry, you don’t need to give out any personal details. All interactions between buyers and sellers can be done in your account area

Remember to check in your messages area frequently to get exciting updates from buyers/sellers

What are your terms & conditions?

We know terms & conditions can seem boring - but they’re super important

So, if you need them, here they are

How does payment for a business work?

The transferal of funds for a business is not done on Bizdaq

Once a buyer has found their perfect business, they will deal with payments offsite

This can be decided privately between the buyer and the seller. If it’s a large amount of money, we advise using a solicitor for this bit (after all, it is a very important part of the sale)

How much does it cost to sell a business?

Nothing, Nada… Zip!

Bizdaq is free and you can be on the market in 30 minutes

Does Bizdaq charge any fees for buyers?

No, Bizdaq is free for everyone

Is my account and information secure?

Yes. Security is top of our list for importance

Our site is SSL secure – see the padlock at the top by the address bar? It means you’re safe

I've forgotten my password

It happens to the best of us

Not a problem, when you go to sign in, press 'forgot password' and we'll send you a link to reset your password

You'll be up again running again in no time

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