Buying a Business FAQs

How can I contact a seller?

Once you’ve made an account, all interactions with sellers can be done through your dashboard. This includes initiating contact, discussing the business, arranging viewings, discussing offers and much more

We’ll send you an email to let you know when you receive a message, so you can hop straight back into your messages area and respond

Why isn’t a seller responding to me?

If a seller has been inactive for a while, we’ll pause their listing – so if you can’t see a listing anymore this could be why, or it’s been deleted

If you can still see the listing, then sit tight! We’ve emailed them to let them know there’s a message waiting

Can I save businesses I’m interested in?

Yes! We think this is one of the most important features of Bizdaq, so make use of it

This is especially true if there are a few similar businesses you’re interested in, but you want to compare them

Once you’ve saved a business, you’ll be notified if any changes get made to the listing, there might even be a price reduction…

But act fast if you’re really interested as there’s thousands of other buyers who may also be interested. As they say, if you snooze you lose

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