Are you a business owner looking to sell a small to medium business? Bizdaq is the selling service you can count on to sell. Completely free service from start to completion if you register now.

Ready to sell your business to over 85,000 qualified buyers?

Sell your business fast on Bizdaq with direct access to UK buyers across Rightmove, Gumtree and our own registered buyer database.

Sell your business for free on Bizdaq

With Bizdaq you can complete your entire sale for free without any charge. Our service is completely free to use from start to finish for both sellers and buyers.

No contracts & no commission

Selling a business is a huge decision. We believe you should have the flexibility to change or stop your sale at any time without penalty. We also believe you should keep as much of your hard earned cash as possible.

More than just an advert, all the tools you need to sell

When you receive an enquiry from a buyer, Bizdaq lets you arrange viewings, message buyers, negotiate offers and provide all the legal documents on a step by step basis - quick and easy to follow.

85,000 active registered Bizdaq buyers

It’s easy to set up an ad that will reach active buyers interested in your industry in minutes, not weeks. You can add your top-line figures, upload photos, complete a brief description and pick a price or select open to offers.

Extensive online advertising

Your business will automatically appear on Rightmove, reaching millions of potential buyers every week.

Support throughout your sale

You will receive full support at each step of your sale from our expert customer service team.

Control your business sale with your Bizdaq seller dashboard

Your seller dashboard is designed to help you manage the sales process, from creating your listing to the completion of your sale. It’s easy to use and packed with all the information you need to navigate each stage of negotiations.

Build your Bizdaq advert in minutes

  • Build your Bizdaq advert in 5 minutes
  • Our easy-to-use advert builder will guide you through building your advert
  • Upload photos and add a brief description
  • Choose your asking price or set as open to offers

Maintain confidentiality

  • You’re in complete control over which buyers can view your key business info
  • Buyers must agree to an NDA before they can request access to your key business info
  • Message buyers before sharing sensitive information to prequalify
  • Withdraw a buyer’s access at anytime

Communicate directly with buyers

  • Sell your business faster by communicating directly with buyers in your dashboard - no waiting for agents
  • Receive requests for key documents and upload to your dashboard
  • Buyer requests from Rightmove and Gumtree appear in your Bizdaq dashboard

Easily handle viewing requests

  • Arrange buyers viewings at a time and location that suits you
  • You’ll receive three suggested viewing times from a buyer
  • Rearrange or suggest a new time if the buyer requests are inconvenient
  • Buyers are prompted to leave feedback after a viewing so that you can see their assessment straight away

Complete your sale

  • You’ll receive offers to buy your business within your Bizdaq dashboard
  • Choose to accept or negotiate the offer by providing a counter offer
  • Once you’re happy with the offer, you can accept and complete the sale of your business
  • Bizdaq will automatically generate the paperwork to put the buyer offer in writing, for both parties to agree

What makes Bizdaq different?

Compare Bizdaq’s service to a typical business transfer agent and see how you can benefit.

  • With Bizdaq there is 0% commission to pay
  • There are no contracts with Bizdaq and you’re free to cancel at any time
  • Your Bizdaq dashboard is accessible 24/7 to keep you in control of your sale
  • Your legal and sales completion documents are free of charge
  • All notifications are instant with an email sent directly to your inbox

Typical transfer agent

  • High commission to pay on your final sale price
  • 12 month contract ties you to an agent even if they don’t find a buyer
  • Office hours only, standard 9 to 5
  • Legal & sale completion documents an additional charge – typically £1,000+
  • Long waiting times for notification of viewing requests, feedback and offers

Business agents take a hefty slice of your sale price as a commission fee. With Bizdaq you cut out the business transfer agent.

You’re in control all the way. You can send and respond to messages, arrange viewings at your convenience, negotiate offers and drive your sale towards completion. Imagine selling your business in double-quick time online for a great price, at the same time saving more than £11,000 – it’s all possible with Bizdaq.

"The last time I sold my business it cost me over £10,000. Using Bizdaq means I have an extra £10,000 in my pocket!"
Kipp Mann

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Here’s how Bizdaq helps small business owners achieve a fast sale and get a higher price

Completely free to sell your business

We built Bizdaq to remove the hefty cost of selling or buying a business in the UK. Our incredible platform is free to use from start to finish!

Fast selling process

You are instantly notified of any activity on your sale including viewing requests, messages and offers.

Extensive online advertising

Your advert will be promoted to our database of over 85,000 buyers and will reach millions every week on Rightmove.

Your seller dashboard

Bizdaq’s easy-to-use dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat from valuation to completion.

0% Commission & no contracts

There are no contracts and 0% commission to pay on your successful sale.

We’re here to help

From helping you get your business advert ready, to handling enquiries and understanding the legal aspects - we're here to help at every step.

What do I need to know about selling my business?

Selling my business

Just because you run a successful business, doesn’t mean you know everything about how to sell one, right? This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive resource bank of advice and information to guide you through every step of the process, from planning your exit strategy to negotiating a sale. Tap into our expertise in our Knowledge section.

Our team have over 30 years experience helping small business owners sell, while maximising the value of their business, so we’re well positioned to help! You can benefit from our experience at every step of your sale with our comprehensive guides that simplify the process of selling a business. We truly believe that with our guides, any small business owner can sell their business on Bizdaq and save thousands on agents fees.

How do I sell a business?

1. Value your business

The first step in selling your business is to get a valuation. This will be the starting point for your sale, and will help you through your sale. You can use our free valuation tool to find the value of your business.

2. List your business for sale

Once you’ve found the value of your business, the next step is to list it for sale. It’s important to find a method that you’ll be comfortable with. If using a business broker, they will handle the sale of the business and finding buyers, but will take a payment up front and a percentage of the price achieved on your business as commission. A business listing site, like Bizdaq, allows you to be much more in control of your sale, allowing you to be in control throughout, and won’t cost as much as a broker.

3. Prepare financial documents

Any potential buyer will want to see your business’s financial documents. You’ll need to prepare your Profit and Loss statements, Balance Sheet and anything else about the finances of the business either before or whilst your business is on the market. Having these documents to hand will help to speed up the selling process.

4. Find prospective buyers

Finding a buyer is one of the most important parts of selling a business. As with selling a house, it’s unlikely you’ll find the right buyer straight away, so keep several potential buyers in case one deal falters.

5. Accept an offer

Once you’ve got an offer on your business, the next step is to evaluate and work out what’s best for you. Offers can be specific to the buyer – some buyers will want you to work a handover period, whilst others will be happy to just take over the business. Finding an offer that suits you both is key.

6. Complete the sale

Congratulations, you’ve sold your business!

Selling my business frequently asked questions

1. How can Bizdaq be FREE?

Bizdaq was built by a team of entrepreneurs who know how expensive and challenging it can be to sell a business. We wanted to provide somewhere for business owners to sell a business without the cost or hassle of traditional options. It's free for sellers and free for buyers, no strings whatsoever!

2. Do I have to be a certain size of business to use Bizdaq?

Any micro to small and medium sized business owner can sell their business on Bizdaq. We generally recommend that any business in the UK with a valuation of between £5,000 and £2 million would benefit from selling with Bizdaq.

3. How long will it take to sell my business?

Typically it takes between 6 and 12 months to sell a business from putting the business on the market to completing the sale. Although with the right preparation you can achieve your sale in a shorter time frame - at Bizdaq we’ve sold businesses in as little as three weeks. We generally recommend that you price your business right, prepare your key document with your accountant as soon as you put your business live and generally look to present your business in its best light. If you’re unsure of how to price your business view our guide here or get an instant valuation of your business using our valuation guide tool here.