Selling a business is easy with Bizdaq. 0% commission. Save thousands!

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Low fixed fee of £495+vat UNTIL SOLD. No Commission, No contracts. Free 7 day Trial with no obligation

Bizdaq will sell your business faster, easier and cheaper.

Everything you need to know about Bizdaq

Low fixed fee of just £495+VAT until sold. No commission.

We provide all the same services you get with an agent, but without the cost or hassle. Our one off fee is payable after you complete your free 7 day trial. We will then market your business until you sell - without asking for any further payment. We believe that this is the fairest and easiest way for you to sell your business, as you will know exactly how much you will be charged from the beginning, without the worry of paying any commission later. We include all the key items for your sale including professional photography (where needed) and a quality sales brochure.

Sell for just a low fixed fee, until sold!

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Expert support

Our team of business experts know the market and have years of knowledge and expertise when it comes to buying and selling businesses.

Most of our experts have come from a traditional business agency background and have sold thousands of businesses just like yours. We know where and when you need help. We will be on hand whenever you need us to help drive your sale.

You can contact a member of our team at any point throughout your sale directly from your account - you will always receive a response within 24 hours.

Watch some of our successful sellers

More advertising and more buyers

We advertise your business on all the leading platforms including Daltons, Rightbiz and Zoopla plus many more. We have 100,000+ active business buyers ready and waiting.

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Bizdaq Partners

The easy way to sell

Expert support is available to you at every stage of your sale, fully included in our low fixed fee. Because we cover the entire buyer market, we drive more enquiries and offers than anyone else. Our great technology means you can manage sale easily, with viewings and even negotiating offers from your phone, tablet or computer at your convenience.

Our sellers like the flexibility of managing some aspects of their sale themselves, safe in the knowledge that your expert support is available whenever you need us.

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A faster sale

Our combination of simple to use technology and expert support speed up your sale. No need to wait for an agent to call, all your buyers will come to you directly. No waiting around for slow admin, your sale can be live and on the market in minutes.

And it doesn’t stop there. We are here to help with everything, from helping you negotiate the best price for your business right up to completing the sale. We can even refer you to specialist solicitors should you choose to use one, to help make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

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Bizdaq Partners Bizdaq Partners

How Bizdaq works

Bizdaq combines all the services of a traditional agent, without the salesmen, huge fees and unfair contracts.

Valuation and Consultation

Our expert team will help understand the value of your business. Use your 7 day free trial to build a great advert and get your business ready for sale - all with the support of our expert team.

Huge marketing delivers quality buyers

Our unrivalled marketing capability places your business on the biggest listing platforms such as Daltons and Zoopla with targeted and bespoke advertising for your business depending on your niche.

Over 100,000+ active buyers registered. Choose the services useful to your sale, from professional photography to help negotiating your deal.

Our expert support helps complete your sale

Our simple, easy to use platform allows 24/7 visibility of your buyers and your sale. Our expert team will help drive your sale to completion, including referring to local solicitors.

View your sale 24/7

Your bizdaqHub means you can check on your sale whenever you want, wherever you are.

Our helpful dashboard is the hub of your sale, and you can manage your entire sale from it. Respond to information requests, reply to messages, arrange viewings and negotiate offers, all in one place, at a time to suit you.

Sellers love being able to fit their sale around running their business, checking in at a time that suits them and managing it from one place.

Our agency service includes; 7 day free trial - valuation - 24/7 control - expert team support to completion

You won't be charged until after your Free 7 day trial. You can cancel anytime in trial, and once your sale is live, we don't have contracts so you have complete flexibility on your sale. No Commission and no hidden extras.

Advertise to ALL buyers, everywhere

Bizdaq provides incredible exposure for your business sale. Once your sale is live, within 24 hours you're sale is promoted on all the major listing platforms including Daltons, Zoopla, Rightbiz and many more - giving instant access to MILLIONS of buyers.

As well as the major listing platforms, we have over 100,000+ active buyers who will be introduced to your business every month.

Niche business type? At Bizdaq we sell all business types, and can help promote your business to trade and sector specific buyers too.

Your advert will appear on

Daltons – 4.8 million visits per year

Zoopla – 100 million visits per year

Rightbiz – 2.5 million visits per year

BizBuySell – 18 million visits per year

How does Online Agent Bizdaq compare to a traditional agent?

On average our customers save over £6000+ on their sale.

Bizdaq Logo Blue Traditional
Bizdaq can have your business infront of buyers within hours, not weeks Traditional agents take weeks to administer your business, employing aged techniques to get you to market
No Commission and No contracts Old school agents will want up to 20% of your sale price in commission and tie you into 12+ month sole selling contracts.
Low fixed fee of £495+vat, UNTIL SOLD, nothing hidden Traditional agents can take thousands upfront and will remove your listing when your contracts up
We ve removed the sales tactics and long admin processes to deliver a quick, easy service - passing the savings onto you Traditional agents employ slick salesmen and little technology meaning heavy costs and low success
24/7 Access to your sale with complete visibility Regular agents won't provide much progress on your sale, often leaving you in limbo
We sell more businesses than any agent, anywhere Most traditional agents sell as few as 10% of their clients businesses!

Bizdaq is the Online Business Agent that provides all the services and more of a traditional agent, but without the huge fees and unfair contracts. With Bizdaq you keep all of your hard earned money.

You have complete control of your sale. Communicate directly with vetted buyers through our secure bizdaqHub all with the support of our expert team. Arrange viewings and negotiate offers within the bizdaqHub.


Until sold

Low fixed fee, until sold. No Commission and No Contracts
I'm ready - Start my sale

What's included in this price?

  • Business Valuation Help
  • Expert Advert Builder
  • Full Advert Review
  • Professional Photography
  • Digital Sales Brochure
  • Expert Support Throughout
  • Set Your Confidentiality
  • Arrange Viewings and negotiate offers
  • 24/7 Control of your sale
  • Live Sale Statistics
  • Legal Referral to Complete Sale
  • Over 100,000+ Active Buyers on Bizdaq
  • Email promotion direct to 100k+ buyers
  • Advert on
  • Advert on
  • Advert on Bizdaq
  • Advert on Zoopla and Primelocation
  • Advert on Gumtree
  • Social Advertising including Facebook and Twitter
  • Targeted Sector Specific marketing for niche business types

Seller success stories

Hear from business owners just like you who sold successfully through Bizdaq

Bizdaq Testimonials
Bizdaq TestimonialsBizdaq Testimonials

Bizdaq have been amazing, their customer service is second to none. I’ve been so pleased, they’ve got five stars from me.

Sue Adams

Beauty salon - Suffolk

Bizdaq TestimonialsBizdaq Testimonials

The staff and support were brilliant. I’d absolutely recommend Bizdaq to anybody selling a business.

Gary McCarthy

Web design business - Leicester

Bizdaq TestimonialsBizdaq Testimonials

My experience working with Bizdaq was fantastic. Without them I couldn’t have sold my business!

Samantha Smidt

e-Commerce business - Mansfield

Bizdaq TestimonialsBizdaq Testimonials

The last time I sold my business it cost me over £10,000. Using Bizdaq means I have an extra £10,000 in my pocket!

Kip Mann

Convenience store - Leeds

How to sell a business with Bizdaq


Value your business

The first step in selling your business is to get a valuation. This will be the starting point for your sale, and will help you through your sale. You can use our free valuation tool to find the value of your business.


Pick the right time to sell

If you rely on seasonal trade, start to look to sell before the busy period. Buyers want businesses that will grow, so starting before, rather than after, a busy period will make your business more interesting to potential buyers. Read our tips for selling at the right time


Prepare financial documents

Any potential buyer will want to see your business’s financial documents. You’ll need to prepare your Profit and Loss statements, Balance Sheet and anything else about the finances of the business either before or during the time the business is on the market. Having these documents to hand will help to speed up the selling process.


List your business for sale

Once you’ve found the right time to sell your business, got your financial documents ready and have found a value, the next step is to list it for sale. As a self-service online platform Bizdaq puts you in control of your sale. Managing your own sale is easy with expert support and guidance on hand whenever you need it.


Find prospective buyers

Finding a buyer is one of the most important, and potentially tricky, parts of selling a business. As with selling a house, it’s unlikely you’ll find the right buyer straight away, so keep several potential buyers interested in case one deal falters.


Accept an offer

Once you’ve got an offer on your business, the next step is to evaluate and work out what’s best for you. Offers can be specific to the buyer – some buyers will want you to work a handover period, whilst others will be happy to just take over the business. Finding an offer that suits both parties is key.


Complete the sale

Congratulations, you’ve sold your business!

What do I need to know about selling my business?

Selling my business

Just because you know how to run a successful business, doesn't mean you know how to sell one, right? That's why we've put together a comprehensive bank of resources and advice along side our expert team to help you through each step of the process. From planning your exit strategy right through to negotiating a sale, you can find everything you need to sell your business.

Our team have over 30 years experience in helping small business owners who are thinking "How do I sell my business?". We're the best positioned business transfer agent to help you sell your business. By choosing Bizdaq you will benefit from complete support from business valuation to completing the sale of your business.


For the low fixed fee of £495+vat, you will have full agency support and marketing for your sale included until you sell your business - without any time limits.
We only want serious sellers using our service and we must verify you are who you say. This process also ensures there is no interruption at the end of your free trial.
Yes, you can cancel at any point from within your dashboard up to 24 hours before the end of your trial.
You can continue using our service until you sell. We don’t tie you into a contract, so you are free to stop your sale at any point without any penalties.
Bizdaq offers all the services of a traditional agency but we’ve removed the unnecessary costs such as salespeople and expensive offices, passing the savings back onto you. We’ve mixed great people and expertise with powerful technology to ensure you sell your business faster, easier and cheaper.
Even if you are already listed on another online service or have a contract with a traditional agent or broker - you can still list on Bizdaq.
Our terms are simple and easy to understand. Sellers pay £495+vat until you sell your business, regardless of how long it takes. Buyers can use our service for free. You can read our full terms of use by clicking here.
You can arrange a valuation with one of our business experts directly on our website by clicking here. You can also use our instant valuation tool to get a good idea of the value of your business.
You can register for your free trial by clicking here.
We only want serious sellers using our service and we must verify you are who you say. This process also ensures there is no interruption at the end of your free trial.
Payment will be taken at the end of your Free 7 Day Trial. This will be debited from your card details entered upon registration.
You can create your advert by registering for your Free 7 Day Trial. You can edit your advert anytime from within your account by clicking the “Edit my advert” heading.
We have multiple boosts available during your sale including; premium listings, homepage listings, mail shots, professional photography, e-brochures and EPC certificates.
You can control every aspect of your sale at the click of a button. Arrange or agree to viewings, respond to enquiries, negotiate and accept offers all from your Bizdaq account. Our friendly experts are always available to help when you need them.
You can arrange a viewing as both a seller and a buyer through the messages function in your account. There is even a handy tool for you to propose your available dates and times to meet.
When you receive an offer, you have the ability to negotiate by making a counter offer, rejecting the offer or accepting the offer. Once accepted, our platform will generate a heads of terms agreement for both you and the buyer to sign. Then, one of our business experts will be in touch, to offer further guidance if needed.

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