What Industry is Best to Buy a Business In?

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What Industry is Best to Buy a Business In?

Whether you’ve not yet decided what business you want to buy or you’re looking at your options, knowing what industry is best to buy in is a great starting point.

Buying a business is a large commitment, and it’s important that you consider whether the business you’re looking to buy is going to be profitable.

Finding an industry that fits your interests, likes and hobbies while also being financially sustainable will ensure success in your endeavour.


Having relevant experience will always help if you’re looking to buy a business, but that’s not to say you should indefinitely stick to what you know only.

Your past experiences are extremely valuable, whether it’s direct experience within an industry or a set of transferable skills that may be applied to another. Transferable skills open up many doors, with unlimited potential.

Having a clear range of fields in which you have some experience in and shortlisting them industries will be a secure start as to what industry you should buy in.


There are some sectors that are a lot riskier than others – assessing whether or not you’re ready to take that risk is something you should ask yourself before deciding what industry you should dabble in.

If you’re looking to open a restaurant in a secluded area or a takeaway on an already-busy road, it may be a lot riskier than a lifestyle-related business that will always be in demand.

Industries such as marketing, media, tech and healthcare are predicted to grow in the next years, so it may be worth seeing what industries are most popular in your specific area or researching UK industry projections.


Finding a business that relates to your personal interests, especially if it’s your first business endeavour, is a great way of knowing that you will enjoy this business journey.

It’s important to ask yourself – would you rather commit to a business that is primarily within your field of interest, or would you rather prioritise the financial benefits of the business?

If you pick the first answer, assess where your personal interests lie – what do you like to do, what jobs or careers have you enjoyed in the past and why, and what hobbies link to them?

Once you have listed your interests, find which ones would be most profitable and carry out some research.

New businesses come on the market every day, so it’s important to find a business that fulfils both your interests and your financial goals.

Buying a business is a big commitment, so that’s why we make your buying journey easy.

Take a look at our Businesses For Sale page to find your perfect match.

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