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No Contracts, No Commission.

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Low fixed fee of just £495+VAT until sold. No commission.

We provide all the same services you get with an agent, but without the cost or hassle. Our one off fee is payable after you complete your free 7 day trial. We will then market your business until you sell - without asking for any further payment. We believe that this is the fairest and easiest way for you to sell your business, as you will know exactly how much you will be charged from the beginning, without the worry of paying any commission later. We include all the key items for your sale including professional photography (where needed) and a quality sales brochure.

Sell for just a low fixed fee, until sold!

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Expert support

Our team of business experts know the market and have years of knowledge and expertise when it comes to buying and selling businesses.

Most of our experts have come from a traditional business agency background and have sold thousands of businesses just like yours. We know where and when you need help. We will be on hand whenever you need us to help drive your sale.

You can contact a member of our team at any point throughout your sale directly from your account - you will always receive a response within 24 hours.

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More advertising and more buyers

We advertise your business on all the leading platforms including Daltons, Rightbiz and Zoopla plus many more. We have 100,000+ active business buyers ready and waiting.

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The easy way to sell

Expert support is available to you at every stage of your sale, fully included in our low fixed fee. Because we cover the entire buyer market, we drive more enquiries and offers than anyone else. Our great technology means you can manage sale easily, with viewings and even negotiating offers from your phone, tablet or computer at your convenience.

Our sellers like the flexibility of managing some aspects of their sale themselves, safe in the knowledge that your expert support is available whenever you need us.

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A faster sale

Our combination of simple to use technology and expert support speed up your sale. No need to wait for an agent to call, all your buyers will come to you directly. No waiting around for slow admin, your sale can be live and on the market in minutes.

And it doesn’t stop there. We are here to help with everything, from helping you negotiate the best price for your business right up to completing the sale. We can even refer you to specialist solicitors should you choose to use one, to help make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

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Seller success stories

Hear from business owners just like you who sold successfully through Bizdaq

Bizdaq Testimonials
Bizdaq TestimonialsBizdaq Testimonials

Bizdaq have been amazing, their customer service is second to none. I’ve been so pleased, they’ve got five stars from me.

Sue Adams

Beauty salon - Suffolk

Bizdaq TestimonialsBizdaq Testimonials

The staff and support were brilliant. I’d absolutely recommend Bizdaq to anybody selling a business.

Gary McCarthy

Web design business - Leicester

Bizdaq TestimonialsBizdaq Testimonials

My experience working with Bizdaq was fantastic. Without them I couldn’t have sold my business!

Samantha Smidt

e-Commerce business - Mansfield

Bizdaq TestimonialsBizdaq Testimonials

The last time I sold my business it cost me over £10,000. Using Bizdaq means I have an extra £10,000 in my pocket!

Kip Mann

Convenience store - Leeds

Savings calculator

We're the UK's only Online Business Agent. We have removed all the unnecessary costs of a traditional business agent, from the fleets of cars to flash offices - passing the saving back onto you. We charge 0% commission and just a low fixed fee of £495+vat until you've sold.

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Agent Commission


Your saving

*Based on comparison with traditional agency fees

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