Top 3 Ways of Advertising Your Business

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Top 3 Ways of Advertising Your Business

Without marketing and advertisement, your business may struggle to reach its full potential just through word-of-mouth recommendations. Advertising for your small business can be a key aspect of increasing business turnover and your customer base.

Here are our top 3 ways of advertising your business, and we hope this will attract a wider customer base for you and your business…

1. Social Media for Businesses

Social media has developed into a must-have for all businesses, no matter the size. Having social media platforms makes your business more personable and approachable, with posts showing off your dedicated team and brilliant approach.

Not only does social media show a different side to your business, but can also be used as a brilliant tool for advertising. Creating advertorial content – whether that may be sale posts, unique social media discounts, video content or infographics, will boost your customer growth and reach.

Creating great content that is engaging and matches your brand will reel new and old customers back to your business which will hopefully interact with your posts and create an ongoing stream of new faces.

2. PR for Businesses

There’s one sure-fire way of reaching an extended audience and that’s PR. There are multiple types of PR and development opportunities within Press Releases, but starting off small and building up to bigger publications can almost always guarantee you a great result.

PPR is an extremely powerful tool, pitching stories to local outlets and regional news outlets will raise brand awareness around your business and also create more credibility around your business.

Press Released are a great way of advertising your business both locally and nationally.

3. PPC & Google Ads

Some of the more obvious ways of advertising come in the forms of Pay Per Click Ads and also Google Ads.

The popularity of Google Ads has increased consistently over the years, and they’re a great way of ensuring your business will definitely be seen when someone is using Google’s search engine.

Although some PPC campaigns may become expensive, they are proven to bring an excellent stream of revenue and result. As the name goes, you only pay per what customers click on, so it can actually result in cost-effective expenses, especially when compared to the end product.

When it comes to advertising your business, there are plenty of ways you can explore campaigns and social media to better your brand and reach new potential customers.

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