Marketing Ideas for Summer 2022

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Marketing Ideas for Summer 2022

Summer can be a brilliant period for marketing as most take holiday and have more free time, the new season brings more marketing possibilities and opportunities you should capitalize on.

Our friends at Audience, a Digital Marketing agency, have shared a number of marketing ideas for summer, to ensure your business is running smoothly and excelling during the sunny season…

1. Start Summer Competitions

Summer competitions can be a great kickstart to the summer season, and if done correctly, could boost engagement and continue to grow your Audience.

Competitions shouldn’t put your business at loss – give stock away that is affordable and efficient for your business. You could offer a couple of weeks’ worth of free services, a specific product, or even something that is completely different from what you offer within your business e.g. a holiday or a night away.

Running competitions is a great way of ensuring that you will have increased engagement and will make a wider audience aware of your business.

2. Bright Visuals

Summer is all about fun, colour, bright and light, so making sure you incorporate the idea of summer into your marketing is essential. Of course, specific brand colours and guidelines will remain in place, however, summer colours could be adapted to your posts as backgrounds, emojis, text colour and more.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, as you never know what bright and colourful post is going to be the one that attracts the highest number of followers. Going out of your ‘business comfort zone’ for summer will give you a valuable view into new aesthetics, some of which could stick for the long run if successful.

3. Continue to Grow

With summer comes free time, holidays and more scrolling on social media while customers are lounging by the pool. Capitalising on the free time that customers may have and increasing activity, whether that be through emails or social media posts, will remind your customers that your business is not closed for summer and that they can continue to order during the holiday period.

Inevitably, more people will be active on social media as they will no longer be at their office 9-5 and that means you will have a higher chance of being discovered or people ordering your services.

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Well, there you have it, those are 3 brilliant tips on growing your business during the summer months through marketing, and ensuring that the sunny weather will work in your favour.

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