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How to make the most out of your online sale listing

How to sell a business

Thousands of potential buyers are logging on every month to browse Bizdaq listings. And with lots of businesses to choose from, it’s important that sellers make the most of every opportunity to impress their audience. So what information should you include and what will make your listing stand out from the crowd?

1. Create an eye-catching three-line summary

When viewers scan down their search listings, they’ll see the type of business, location, price and a three bullets that summarise the unique selling points of the business. Don’t waste this chance to grab your buyer’s attention by including a few vague points off the top of your head. Instead, try to think of the top three reasons someone might be interested in your proposition and list them positively. For instance: ‘profitable honeypot location’ ‘fantastic potential for growth’ and ‘good customer base plus repeat bookings’.

2. Go into detail

Ok, so you’re not writing ‘War and Peace’ but you do need to go into some detail in order to offer prospects a rounded picture of your business and entice them to view. This is your chance to shine. While you may want to keep some information confidential, don’t forget that your potential buyer is likely to be looking for a business that fits a specific income or investment level. If you’re economical with this vital data, buyers may just scroll past. Say how long you’ve been in business, why you’re selling and what’s included in the sale.

3. Paint a picture

Ads work better with great pictures so aim to include a selection of good photos that represent your business at its best. If you don’t want to reveal your business identity, use images that convey aspects of your business interior, equipment, or other items that will pique interest and engender trust. For instance, if you’re selling a restaurant business, you could include well-shot pictures of the type of food you serve, a glimpse of a classy interior or an unassignable image of table service, or whatever.

4. Tell buyers where you are

If you’re tempted to keep your location a secret – think twice! It’s important to remember that most buyers search for businesses to at least county level (online-only businesses excepted), which your listing should certainly reveal. Should you wish to retain confidentiality regarding your exact location, though, you can still do so by providing general area information rather than specific details. You might include details such as ‘easy access to major road network’ or ‘centrally placed on a busy high street’.

5. Make the most of the opportunity

Your Bizdaq listing will give you a section in which to elaborate on the business opportunity to prospective buyers. As you’ll have already presented the nuts and bolts of your proposition– including financials – in your business details, this is the place to deliver your sales pitch. Include details of improvements or advances you’ve made and demonstrate where there may be a chance for new owners to take the business forward. Highlight growth areas and detail any local initiatives that may have a positive impact – a new road-building programme, for instance.

6. Make it easy to get in touch

Buyers will want to see a phone number, but it may be a good idea to acquire a one-off mobile for this precise purpose – especially if you don’t want to reveal the identity of your business at this stage. It will also help you to field calls more effectively and you won’t be caught on the hop. Similarly, it might be worth setting up a special email address so you can protect your established accounts from spam, maintain confidentiality, and make monitoring ad responses quick and easy. Do check messages every day to keep on top of enquiries.

7. Check and check again

A typo-riddled business listing is a recipe for disaster. While you’ll want to list your business without unnecessary delay, you should take the time to write a full and persuasive description and then get it checked for howlers by a trusted friend before you post. Bizdaq sends out your business details to everyone registered as a prospective buyer in your market sector – you don’t want to waste this valuable opportunity by posting a listing that contains lots of errors and bad pictures.

Selling with Bizdaq is a quick and simple process but you’ll get the best results if you spend time preparing your listing carefully. Communicate your biggest selling points, include the best pictures you can, make it easy for buyers to get in touch – and you’ll be half way to a successful result!

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