Getting Your Small Business Ready for Summer

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Getting Your Small Business Ready for Summer

Summer means holidays, sunshine and the outdoors, but for small business owners, summertime can be very daunting and it’s important to be prepared for the season ahead.

Our guide on preparing your small business for summer will give you a relaxed mind and options to plan for the future…

Approve Annual Leave

We all want a summer after working hard all year, a step in the right direction is managing your employee’s holiday requests with plenty of time to go ahead of their request, giving you enough planning time for staffing gaps. Even if your business is small and you only have a handful of employees, this makes it even more important to keep track of.

Planning annual leave will be very helpful when it comes to avoiding staff shortages, clashes with time management and allowing you to see when you could take some time off yourself or arrange staff covers if needed.

Having these holidays scheduled and approved will give you peace of mind that you won’t be left without help and your business can continue running smoothly during summer.

Marketing Continues

A new season means new changes and with summer, comes new trends, strategies and marketing techniques which you can apply in order to keep your small business relevant. These trends are usually seasonal but can drive more traffic to your business which consequently could boost your business all year round.

Some seasonal marketing strategies include – specific offers, special products and summer-themed deals. It’s a time when everyone is enjoying the outdoors, travelling abroad and having a lot more free time to spend looking through businesses and what they have to offer, take advantage of that and adapt some summer marketing to your small business.

Internship Help

If you are looking for a new potential team member with fresh talent, considering an internship may be very beneficial to you and your small business.

Student holidays are mostly in summer and this is a time where students (university and college) will be looking for work experience and a potential career, if you feel you need an extra helping hand or are expecting a surge in business over the summer period, you could offer internships by contacting universities or colleges directly, or advertising them on job sites.

Due to the world of hybrid and remote working growing, some internships are great online and you could receive help with your business while being at home.

That’s it! Following our three-step guide to preparing your business for summer will guarantee that you don’t have business losses and staffing issues and you get some well-deserved time for yourself.

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