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Do you want to buy a media and technology business? Great stuff, let's get started.

Do you fancy taking over one of the UK’s 2,800 magazines? It’s a good investment with roughly 400 million copies sold each year (that’s over 140,000 copies per magazine on average!). Perhaps purchasing a film and production company is more your thing. If so, there are over 15,000 such operations in the UK right now, take your pick! Maybe the best investment is radio, did you know the average Brit listens to just under 20 hours of radio per week? Well, it’ true, so it might be time to get your own station on the air

Whether you're looking for an internet café in Chichester or an advertising firm in Aberdeen - your search starts now. Take a look at available businesses in the media and technology sector below

Buying a business is a big deal, so if you're unsure where to start why not take a look at our buying guides for some top tips and tricks

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