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Do you want to buy a florist or flower business? Great stuff, let's get started.

Everyday is a special day nowadays, so a flower isn’t just for Christmas anymore. It’s for Father’s Day, Grandmother’s Day and don’t forget Second Cousins Day! With new occasions popping up every year it’s the perfect time to get into the flower business – they never go out of fashion and it wasn’t long ago that tulips were more valuable than gold (fingers crossed tulip stock will rise that high again soon!).

Flower trade secret – broccoli is actually a flower, not many florists stock it but they’re missing out, don’t make their mistake. So, whether you’re selling tulips in Torquay or dealing dahlias in Dagenham - your search starts now. Take a look at the available florists and flower businesses below.

Buying a business is a big deal, so if you're unsure where to start why not take a look at our buying guides for some top tips and tricks.

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