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Do you want to buy a coffee shop or tearoom? Great, let's find your perfect match

Did you know that 10th century monks invented cream tea? They served it to locals helping to repair an abbey following a Viking attack in the year 997AD – it was an instant hit and we’ve never looked back. Tea will never go out of fashion in the UK so if you want to buy into the safest of businesses, check out all of our tearooms for sale here

If you’re more of a coffee person you can take a look at our coffee shops for sale below. Did you know we drink 95 million cups of coffee a day in the UK? Most importantly, 76% of the value of a cup of coffee is produced once it’s here in Britain, so it’s time to start taking all of that profit out of the cup and start putting it back into your pocket

Check out the available coffee shops and tea rooms for sale below. Not sure what business you should be buying? Click here to read our guide all about buying the best business for you

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