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Barber Shops for Sale

You should be able to find a range of barber shops within your area, however they’re not as frequent as hairdressing salons, so you may have to be more flexible. Barber shops benefit from passing trade – in fact many don’t require appointments as barbering slots are relatively short – so a prominent position on a busy street is a plus.

Make sure that the style and layout of the salon suits you and fits with your target market. Barber shops don’t need to be swanky but they do need to attract the customers you want to serve, so getting the right vibe is important.

Give the service a trial run by visiting as a customer before you view as a potential buyer. Even if you plan to make some changes, it’ll give you a feel for the business and how efficiently it’s run.

Think carefully about whether you’d want to grow or expand the barber shop and make sure there’s scope to do that if it’s an important consideration for you. Opening longer hours, offering additional treatments or offering space to other professionals for extra services are all options you could explore.

If you do find a business you’d like to buy, focus your efforts on maintaining a great customer service in the first instance – don’t introduce too many changes too soon or you’ll risk losing the goodwill you’ve paid for. A non-competition clause would prevent the seller from setting up another shop down the road.

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