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Do you want to buy an animal, aquatic, equestrian or pet service business? Great stuff, let's get started.

There are over 50 million pets in the UK and almost half of all households own at least one animal. So there’s plenty of demand for this type of business. When it comes to horses there are over 250,000 that need looking after and there’s a whopping 10 million dogs and even more cats than that. So if you’re wanting to sell some animals or simply service them, there’s plenty that need your help and plenty of owners ready to pay

Whether you are going to be selling clown fish in Farnham or grooming poodles in Portsmouth - your search starts now. Take a look at available businesses in the animal, aquatic, equestrian and pet service sector below.

Buying a business is a big deal, so if you're unsure where to start why not take a look at our buying guides for some top tips and tricks.

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