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About Bizdaq

Bizdaq is the highest rated Business Agent in the UK. We sell businesses like yours faster and easier for a low fixed fee.

The Bizdaq mission

The Bizdaq mission is to allow business owners the opportunity to sell their business faster and easier for a low fixed fee. We are achieving this by combining professional expertise and great technology.

Our team have been buying and selling businesses for over a decade, and felt there had to be a better way to serve hard working business owners and aspiring business buyers. The traditional process of buying or selling a business is slow, expensive and does not serve its customers effectively.

By removing the salesmen, fleets of cars, flash offices and long winded admin processes, we have been able to use our technology to speed up the process. The result is a faster sale and an increased value in selling your business, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional agent. Alongside the technology, we have invested in great people who deliver our award winning service to our customers 24/7 .

With Bizdaq, the process of selling a business is fast and easy for a low fixed fee. We've removed the huge commission fees and don't have any long winded contracts. Our service is award winning and our customers love our transparent, honest and open approach to selling a business.

Our expert team are here to hold your hand every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and fast business sale.


Bizdaq was founded in 2014 as a result of a simple observation: people have transformed how they buy and sell almost everything, but the way you buy or sell a business has not adapted. Selling a business was still hard work. There was no obvious solution or brand that business owners were aware of. And most importantly - that they trusted.

Bizdaq was created to ensure business owners could sell faster and easier for a low fixed fee - and get the best price for their business. We have used our knowledge and experience of selling businesses for over a decade to deliver the best business sale service available. Most importantly, we wanted to do this at a fair price and with integrity. Today, we're one of the biggest business sale agents in the UK, with thousands of happy customers. Have a look at our journey to date below;


  • Bizdaq’s first lines of code are written
  • Tim Group Holdings invest seed funding


  • After an extensive private beta, Bizdaq launches publicly on 1st March
  • Extensive coverage in the press on launch including TechCrunch, Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph
  • Sell first business three weeks after launching


  • Bizdaq named one of the Everline Future 50 most disruptive UK businesses
  • Finalists in 2016 Europas startup awards (Deliveroo won category)


  • Bizdaq celebrates 10,000th user
  • Bizdaq team expands to 9


  • Going for growth - second round funding achieved
  • Bizdaq is now the market leader


"Bizdaq is without doubt, the best way to sell a business in the UK. We have removed the unnecessary costs of a traditional agent, passing the saving back onto you. Most importantly, we deliver a better result for our customers."