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About us

Bizdaq is on a mission to transform how businesses are bought and sold globally.

The Bizdaq mission is to make selling and buying small businesses easy – at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Our online platform and support puts buyers and sellers in control.

Our team had been buying and selling businesses for over a decade, and felt there had to be a better way to serve hard working business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. The traditional way of selling a business is slow, expensive and does not serve buyers and sellers effectively.

Bizdaq are committed to providing small business owners with impartial advice when it comes to buying or selling a business. As we do not charge commission or large registration fees, our only obsession is to ensure buying or selling a business is as simple as possible.

Through sheer hard work, great technology and a deep understanding of what business buyers and sellers need on this critical journey, Bizdaq has been designed to save you time and money.

We’re an innovative, smart and award winning company who have saved our customers thousands in traditional fees, and have helped realise the dreams of thousands of business buyers and sellers.

With Bizdaq, the whole process of buying or selling a business can be controlled from our platform. From valuing the business (with our valuation calculator) to accepting or negotiating offers, all the way through to generating contracts and notifying solicitors, the entire process happens on Bizdaq. At each stage there is guidance available from our helpful buyer and seller guides, live chat and dedicated “business sale experts”.


Bizdaq was founded in 2014 as a result of a simple observation: people have transformed how they buy and sell almost everything, but the way you buy or sell a business has not adapted. Selling a business was still hard work. There was no obvious solution or brand that business owners were aware of. And most importantly - that they trusted.

Bizdaq was created to bring together business owners with motivated buyers in one easy to use marketplace. We wanted all our knowledge and experience of selling businesses (over a decade) to be available to anybody. And most importantly we wanted to do this at a fraction of the cost of the existing options. Now we’re the UK’s leading business for sale marketplace with thousands of buyers waiting and hundreds of sellers registering every month. We’re bringing about a positive change in how people sell and buy businesses in the UK.


  • Bizdaq’s first lines of code are written
  • Tim Group Holdings invest seed funding


  • After an extensive private beta, Bizdaq launches publicly on 1st March
  • Extensive coverage in the press on launch including TechCrunch, Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph
  • Sell first business three weeks after launching


  • Bizdaq named one of the Everline Future 50 most disruptive UK businesses
  • Finalists in 2016 Europas startup awards (Deliveroo won category)


  • Bizdaq celebrates 10,000th user
  • Bizdaq team expands to 9


  • Going for growth - second round funding achieved
  • Bizdaq is now the market leader

The founder

Bizdaq is the best way to either sell or buy a business in the UK. Bizdaq aims to remove the mystery that surrounds selling a business by making it easy to sell directly to motivated buyers.

Bizdaq CEO Sean Mallon

Sean Mallon


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