The Real-Life Wages of Fictional Characters

The problem with our favourite fictional characters is that they live in fictional worlds – worlds where they don’t need to worry about money, rent or bills. Every week they’re in the same financial situation as the previous episode. For the rest of us, though, money, rent and bills are all things we have to think about on a daily basis.

To see whether our favourite characters really wouldn’t have to worry, we’ve looked at how much money they’d be earning if they were doing their jobs in real life.

What did we find?

Some characters, despite obviously being very well-off, aren’t making nearly as much as you’d expect them to. James Bond, an international spy, would be making a fairly low salary for his relatively dangerous job. As a field agent he’s still quite low in the hierarchy, so wouldn’t be making as much as his desk-based colleagues.

Sherlock Holmes, another character who exudes an air of riches, would be on a startlingly-low salary as a Private Detective in the UK. Both of these guys seem to have money from outside of their work though – or you’d expect so by looking at their homes!

Assuming he was in the USA, and not Japan or Italy, Mario would be making just under the median wage in the America as a plumber.

At the other end of the scale though we find Ross Geller (so that’s how he could afford that New York apartment), Liz Lemon (who’d be on an incredible amount of money according to some sources) and Miranda Priestly, the most fearsome boss we’ve ever come across. Still, when there’s that much money at stake, she probably had the right to be that demanding.

Which is your favourite character and how much do they earn? Let us know!