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Peter O’Driscoll

Thank you for your help

I tried to sell my cafe two years ago with an agent and had no luck. So second time round I decided to try myself online. I’m not that technical so I was happy to get a lot of help from Gemma at Bizdaq who helped me write my advert up and arranged for photos of my business to be done professionally.

After that it was really easy to use. And i talked to buyers myself. In my fourth month received an offer that I was happy with and accepted. Bizdaq helped me fill out the paperwork and referred me to solicitor, their support was fantastic.

I am pleased to say I am now officially retired and my cafe has a bright future with a new owner. I am surprised at how easy it was to do myself and I would definitely recommend the service to others trying to sell their business.

Kip Mann

I've used bizdaq 3 times now absolutely…

I've used bizdaq 3 times now absolutely brilliant....Saved me thousands in agents fees. It really is as good as they say. Highly recommend it


Responsive and effective Company

I have found that busy people don't always look at all the sites out there so to stand the best chance of selling you really need to be on as many as possible. That's expensive and time consuming plus you can't always get the sites to list your business under the appropriate category. Bizdaq offers a great package price that got my business onto Daltons, Zoopla, Prime Location and Rightbizfor just a bit more than the cost of Daltons. I was lucky enough to have Gemma helping who worked with the team there to get my listing under the right category. Much easier than trying to deal with these big websites myself. Highly recommend.


I was very impressed by the entire process

I was very impressed by the entire process which I found to be very helpful and professional. I have already recommended Bizdaq to a family member, and I have no reservations recommending Bizdaq to anyone with a business to sell. Gerald

Steven Paul

Business sale made easy

i have planned to sell my business for a year now and have monitored Bizdaq for that time and can honestly say that now i have done it, the procedure is easy and help you to advertise your company. Definately recommend 100%

Susan Wilson

10 out 10 for service.

Only been with Bizdaq for a week i am very pleased with the service i have recived. I am not technical minded . I've had olot af help setting my advert up with Gemma . 10 out 10 for Gemma


Recommended without hesitation...

We are using Bizdaq to sell one of our online businesses. The initial call to value our business was not at all 'salesy' and left us confident to go ahead with the 7 day trial. Even before the end of the trial we have had 4 enquiries. Compare this with a 'traditional' agent who we are selling our other larger ecom business through, where aside from large up front fees they will also take a percentage of the final sale, yet we have had ONE serious enquiry in over 18 months. We are very optimistic that we will sell our business quickly and for a good price through Bizdaq.


Couldn’t have asked for better!!!

Recently used these guys to sell my company. Great sales/marketing, supportive throughout the entire process, and impressive negotiation skills at the end! 5 stars!

Jon Coward

We sold our little business

We sold our little business in less than three months from placing our advert on their website Excellent back up and advice from their Gemma

Colin Mooney

Excellent customer service and knew…

Excellent customer service and knew what I needed

Gerry Taylor

Happy to have sold my business so quickly

I decided to sell my business last September as I was approaching my 80th birthday and having found Bizdaq on Google signed up for a trial period. I received a number of enquiries almost straight away so decided to confirm my advert after the trial period. All the way through they have been happy to advise me on the procedure and the contract and I have finally sold it after 6 months. Very happy with the result.


I’ve only been working with Bizdaq a…

I’ve only been working with Bizdaq a few days but I’m very happy with all communication so far. Very helpful & supportive too

Manuela Brehm

Very kindly and quick response

Very kindly and quick response. I will see what happens and if I really can sell my business through them.

Aref Imanpour



nazir moradi

They exceeded my expectations

The deal in regards to my business I received from bizdaq was fantastic. To put it simple, great and genuin people work at bizdaq. Nazir

Colin S

Simpson Accountancy Services

As a firm of Accountants, we often have customers asking where to go to sell their business. There is no service better or fairer than Bizdaq. In our opinion, if you are looking to sell, you give yourself the best chance to do so right here.

Russell Williams

Very helpful in getting set up .As of…

Very helpful in getting set up .As of yet no enquiries about my advert as it's early days

S Godfrey

I sold my business with bizdaq last…

I sold my business with bizdaq last year and I was very pleased with the way it went. The platform was easy to use and they introduced lots of quality buyers. I have sold through agency before and it was painful waiting for replies/responses about buyer enquiries - being able to talk to buyers direct made all the difference. They advertised us on lots of other sites too so we had good exposure. Overall I would certainly advise using them if you have a small/medium sized business