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Sell your business faster and easier for a low fixed fee until sold.
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How Bizdaq will sell your business

We have combined great people offering expert support with great technology, which delivers a faster and easier sale for a low fixed fee. No contracts and no commission!


Value your business

We offer a free, no obligation online valuation calculator that allows you to discover the value of your business and in complete confidence.

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Pick the right time to sell

There is never a right or wrong time to sell, it is down to your own personal circumstances. However our team of experts can guide you on ensuring you maximise your sale opportunity using our in depth market knowledge.

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Prepare financial documents

Any potential buyer will want to see your business’s financial documents. You’ll need to prepare your Profit and Loss statements, Balance Sheet and anything else about the finances of the business either before or during the time the business is on the market. Having these documents to hand will help to speed up the selling process.

How to prepare your Profit and Loss statements


List your business for sale

Once you’ve found the right time to sell your business, got your financial documents ready and have found a value, the next step is to list it for sale. Bizdaq provides total control of your sale.

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Find prospective buyers

Finding a buyer is one of the most important, and often challenging, parts of selling a business. As with selling a house, it’s unlikely you’ll find the right buyer straight away, so we keep several potential buyers interested in case one deal falters.


Accept an offer

Once you’ve got an offer on your business, the next step is to evaluate and work out what’s best for you. Offers can be specific to the buyer – some buyers will want you to work a handover period, whilst others will be happy to just take over the business. Finding an offer that suits both parties is key.

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Bizdaq have been amazing, their customer service is second to none. I’ve been so pleased, they’ve got five stars from me.
My experience working with Bizdaq was fantastic. Without them I couldn’t have sold my business!
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