How bizdaq works

How it works for sellers

See how easy and affordable it is to sell your business with Bizdaq.

How to sell your business with Bizdaq

Our self-service platform bizdaqHub gives you the freedom to sell your business at the price you want, to who you want, for a low fixed fee.


Activate your free 7 day trial

We are so confident that you will love Bizdaq we give you 7 days for free! To start complete our registration form online.

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Build your advert

Next, build your advert using our intuitive easy to use advert builder within your bizdaqHub. We ask you the relevant questions that buyers want to know, based on your business type. Once complete, our team will review your advert and offer advice where needed to maximise interest in your sale.


Select your plan

We offer a range of subscription plans to suit you and your budget; 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. Payment details are for verification purposes only at this stage and no monies will be taken during the trial. Find out more about our plans and pricing.

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We market your business to 500,000 buyers every month

Your advert is now live on Bizdaq. Within 24 hours your ad will also be live on Zoopla, Prime Location, Daltons and Rightbiz. [Tip: Don’t forget you can edit your ad at any time by logging in to bizdaqHub!] Once your trial ends we will promote your sale to our database of 100,000 buyers. If you selected the 6 month plan you will be able to arrange professional photography when your trial ends.


Control your sale 24/7

Easily manage your business sale through our online platform bizdaqHub. Buyers enquire directly to you. See who is interested in your business, accept or reject requests for documents and information, arrange viewings, and negotiate offers. All while having the reassurance of Bizdaq expert support on hand via live chat and messaging, if you need it. Direct communication with buyers ensures your business sale goes smoothly and at a pace you control.

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