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How it works for sellers

Sell your business faster and easier, for a low fixed fee.
£495+vat until sold, 0% commission and No contracts

How Bizdaq will sell your business

We have combined great technology with expert professional support to make the sale of your business easier, faster and cheaper. No contacts and No commission!


Valuation and Consultation

Speak to one of our experts or use or valuation calculator to get all the answers you need. We are confident you’ll choose Bizdaq to sell your business but the choice is yours - so consultations are free and without obligation to continue.

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Free 7 day trial of entire service

You can use Bizdaq for free, without obligation for 7 days. That includes instant advertising and expert support. If you’re happy and ready to continue with your sale after this, it’s only our one off fee of £495+VAT to pay to market your business until sold.


Great Advert and Sales Brochure

Our simple to use ad builder allows you to create a fantastic advert in minutes. And our team will help you make sure it looks professional and shows your business at its best.


The Biggest Buyer Advertising

Over 100,000+ active buyers registered on Bizdaq. We also list your business on all the major listing sites including Daltons, Rightbiz, Zoopla, Prime Location and more. Our team and technology can also provide bespoke marketing for niche business.


Powerful platform to manage sale

Our technology has removed all the costs of selling a business. You have 24/7 direct access to your buyers and all the tools you need to manage your own sale.


Expert support all the way to completion

We have removed the unnecessary cost but improved on the service levels you can expect from your agent. This includes helping in negotiations or providing access to quality commercial lawyers.

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