Online Retailer

Manchester & Surrounding, Greater Manchester

Asking £90,000
Turnover £84,000

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Business description

Using laser printer we offer wooden phone cases, mugs and journals for our customers world-wide. Wood is purchased in China and engraved in France. We use post as a distribution tool.

Business typeOnline Retailer
Asking price £90,000
LocationManchester & Surrounding, Greater Manchester
Property typerelocatable
Net profit£20,000
No property or rentN/A
Staff no
Years established2

Extended description

Shop vision is to combine modern living style with ancient knowledge and wisdom, knowing your roots you can build your own living space in harmony. We are blessed by ancient Goddess Litha, her light can win any darkness around and within you. You can bring the light with single candle in dark room and darkness is gone. Litha brings you inner power, brightness and warmth. Her power is a most potent, and we use it to make our home decors and personal accessories. We use only 100% recyclable packing materials ! Every pack contains aprox. 30 grams of wood wool that could be use as perfect material to light a fireplace or barbecue. Every thing we sell we can move to anothar country. The reson for selling is a large load work that need to be done by two of as. We want this online business to become more efficient and popular, because of our online store we have quite large amount of customers already. Our link to web page is here - http://etsy.me/2eFb8ks Email: jekabsjurazs@gmail.com

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Manchester & Surrounding, Greater Manchester

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Website rank http://etsy.me/2eFb8ks
Website visitors per annum 478,488
Number of registered customers This informations is avaliable from esty.com owners
Asking - £90,000 turnover - £84,000
Online Retailer
Manchester & Surrounding, Greater Manchester
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