Clothes Shop

Wakefield & Ossett, West Yorkshire

Asking £13,000
Turnover £40,000

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Business description

LeanPhysiques are a sports and fitness apparel company that focus not on just one sport but the entire fitness industry. We have some great athletes that are well known in the bodybuilding world all over social media! We are still a growing business but with the contacts we have for our products are fantastic for our business profit margin but also fantastic quality all round. Our customers we recieve praise us on the comfort and quality of our clothing and not only wear it in and around their sports but also out doing their daily duties.

Business typeClothes Shop
Asking price £13,000
LocationWakefield & Ossett, West Yorkshire
Property typeWeb based
Net profit£50,000
No property or rentN/A
Staff no
Years established1

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Wakefield & Ossett, West Yorkshire

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Asking - £13,000 turnover - £40,000
Clothes Shop
Wakefield & Ossett, West Yorkshire
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