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Great Website / Ezine Business For Sale In Birmingham

Birmingham, West Midlands

Asking Price £4,995
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Business overview

Excellent opportunity to take over 2 websites. and
One is a printing site and one a leaflet distribution site.

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Business description

I am offering 2 websites that compliment each other and offer a great startup opportunity. One is a printing website and the other a leaflet distribution website.

I am not asking much for these websites considering you would have 2 separate sources of income. If some people would want printing only or leaflet distribution only or print and distribution you have it all covered.

The Printing Website

Built with wordpress running with woocommerce and SSL. Fully Responsive on all devices.

This site currently has a limited amount of products but are the most popular products people would want printing to combine with a leaflet distribution campaign. The hard work has been done now it is very easy to add more products and pages to suite your needs and all you would need to do is change the paypal email address or its easy to set up receiving payments via stripe or similar.

The site has a user area where people can sign up and see all their orders in the user account area plus add addresses and change account details. The site has a very easy to use ordering system with an upload artwork button on the checkout page which attaches the artwork to that order in the woocommerce backend admin area .

So people come to the site place an order and upload artwork and pay then you use a trade price white label printing company with free next day delivery which i will give you the details for and there is a good margin for yourself on every order.  Then the customer gets their order and you don't have to mess around with couriers as the trade printing company handles all this. 

This site could be greatly expanded with more products and with time and effort could be a great little business on its own.

The Leaflet Distribution Website

Built with wordpress, SSL. Fully Responsive on all devices.

This site was made to compliment the printing site and gain orders from people ordering the print products. Currently people can come to the site and get a quote for leaflet distribution and printing packages or leaflet distribution only. The site has area pages for the main cities/ towns in the UK and the SEO work has been done it is now climbing up the search engine rankings nicely, this will only increase with time for both sites and then the price will go up.

The site is tied in nicely with the printing site and you could have print products advertised here also. You would need to source your own distributors or simply outsource to another distribution company and take a cut like the printing site. You can set your own prices and only choose areas where to deliver leaflets such as the nearest city you live in and do it yourself or you can just as easily advertise nationally and use the outsourcing method.    

If you wish to target only certain areas with the leaflet distribution site such as your county i can make the necessary area pages and implement the SEO and remove the ones you don't want to advertise in so then it would be a specific site local to the areas you need. Additionally if you want any other changes on the site i will do this for you before takeover all for free.

You may notice on the site that it says GPS tracking available, this was just done to give you an example of what you could offer. You could buy GPS trackers if you wish or you can just update the text to anything you wish.


These websites are built with wordpress so a knowledge of wordpress is necessary if you wish to make changes or you could hire a developer if you are not sure.

These are professional sites with a lot of time and money invested and could go a long way with time and effort. 

Both sites are SSL secured and both sites will come with a separate live online chat system. You will have the hosting account with a well know provider the email accounts for both sites, and the SSL certifictaes will be there. 

These are just websites i am not selling a business or company. You can easily register a business or company if you wish.

I may consider splitting the sites if you only require one.

I can provide support for an agreed amount of time.

For more information visit tiger leaflet distribution and fill in the contact form.

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National or local depending on your needs

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