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Great Clothes Shop For Sale In Torquay

Torquay, Devon

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Do you want to own an urban streetwear brand with potentially global success?

This is an incredible opportunity for an innovative and ambitious individual with marketing skills and retail experience. With designs from the world’s most recognised illustrative talent, the value of Funkrush is in its untapped potential. This unique clothing line needs the time and attention it deserves to be propelled into the successful brand it is destined to be.

Funkrush is a clothing company that I have been running on my own since about 2008. I only ever started it as a hobby, I am a digital artist and illustrator by trade and being in the creative industries got to know and become friends with some of the most established illustrators in the world and I decided to ask a few of them to make designs that I could print onto tshirt’s, and that’s what I did..since then it has grown to have over 100 designs from many illustrators.

I have been running it in the background alongside my normal career (freelance designer - and other ventures I have started. It has seen some success, and I registered as a Limited company a few years ago. My plan was to take it a lot further, but this year I have realised I cannot do this on my own, I am not a sales person, I don’t know marketing very well, I don’t have any links in retail or experience in a lot of areas that could propel the business forward to its full potential. I am a creative person and that is what I want to do, I have lost motivation in the business side of things and I figure someone else will knowledge in this could really take it far.

I always thought of Funkrush as a kind of Aladdins cave, people would stumble upon it and find it cool, and tell their friends. I have never really pushed it in terms of marketing or sales, advertising etc..I did make a list of plans that could really take it to the next level but with my other paths in my life I do not have time to do these, or learn them.

I originally wanted it to be a street wear brand, and as I am sure you can see a lot of the designs are inspired by hiphop, graffiti etc alongside videogames, anime and pop culture. I have collaborated with some big names in the industry, such as Olly Moss, Dalek, 123klan, MAD, Jon Burgerman, Tado, Machine 56 and DXTR to name a few, and the ‘funkrush family’ is still growing. We have started work on the new collection, which I know will be popular and high chance of it going viral too, I am happy to share these new designs with potential buyers and will make a great start for the new owner. There is also quite a few designs we have had commissioned that we have not got round to printing yet also, the portfolio has around 150 designs printed and unprinted readily available for the new owner, you are not just limited to tshirts either, the possibilies are endless. The creative quality of Funkrush is the key to incredible success for this brand.

It is currently based in Torquay, South Devon, UK however can be run from anywhere of course, and is relocatable. I do have around £30,000 worth of clothing stock (average retail value) in the stock room, and this is included in the sale, other assets include posters, toys and various other merchandise we are selling, please see the website to view our full range, this equates to another £15,000+ retail stock. I will share all my suppliers and contacts, and anything else I have done in the past and also plans for the future.

There is potential if you did not want the stock to just buy the brand, website, designs and whole business, and let me keep the current stock and sell it off, of course re-manufacturing the designs and products is easily possible, however you wanted to do it, all original source files and elements are included in the sale. The website can be transferred to the new owner, the directors of the company can be changed, it potentially could be run anywhere in the world, you would just need to source manufacture and distribution etc

Funkrush was one of the first brands on the e-commerce platform Bigcartel, and as such they rewarded us with a free lifetime Titanium account, this is included with the sale and all the source code and customisation we have done. I have built up quite a large social media following, the main platform I like to use is Instagram, as it is more visual, and it is easy to share images from our artists and other areas that share the values and themes Funkrush resides in. We have 25,000 followers on that platform, twitter and facebook we have a lot of followers but they are not too engaged, around 100k combined. I can talk about my plans to utilise these for the new owner.

I think the main thing Funkrush has going for it and a large portion of the value is its potential. I know this can be a really popular and established brand. The thing is I have never really pushed marketing or sales. There is so much scope for retail, a lot of shops would stock the brand but it is not something I have ever looked into. If anyone has a path to retail, even if it is just emailing out or visiting shops, telemarketing etc it could be an instant success and get wholesale orders straight away. Funkrush could fit alongside many other brands and products and is ready to be sold at wholesale and exposed. Chances are with the right channels, even a few contacts you could make the initial investment back very quickly, the return would be very fast.

We do sell our clothing on other websites, mainly in Europe, but this is dropshipping, they send us the order that they take on their website and we handle order fulfilment and they take a percentage of the sale, it has worked well for us, as they have their own marketing and advertising in place, generating their own traffic.

I would like to keep a stake in the business any case, even if I am a silent partner and the stake is very small or I could stay on being the creative director of the business for a larger percentage, orchestrating new collections, and doing some designs etc, but as far as the running of the business goes I do not wish to follow that anymore. It has always been a dream of mine to make it big, and I still believe the potential of the business is huge and I am sure you will agree, I believe Funkrush can achieve amazing growth, tapping into the wholesale and retailer market.

I will share my plan that I have researched and all the steps needed to take this further, I developed a marketing plan, and have a lot of ideas to bring this to life and flourish. If you want to invest in a venture that will bring you profits almost immediately, and take the chance of building a strong clothing brand then contact me right away. I am happy to schedule a call or meet up in person to discuss.

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You can manufacture and trade/distribute anywhere worldwide, easily relocatable.

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We trade worldwide but are currently based in Torquay, Devon.

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