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Brilliant Online Retailer For Sale In Neston & Ellesmere Port

Neston & Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

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Asking Price £20,000
Turnover £2,000

Business overview

Over £28,000 in facilitated sales to date. Autopilot Furniture Comparison site and Chrome Extension. 145,000 products! Top UK companies integrated.

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Business description

When was the business established?

The Business was established in October 2016, there was a large untapped market in this niche to compare and find the cheapest price for home furniture within the UK market.

It took about a week for the products to get indexed by Google and a lot of time was spent optimising the sites on page SEO. We now rank very very well for long-tail keywords. After this, the sales started coming in.

To date, we have helped facilitate over £25,000 worth of sales with our affiliates.

What does the business do?
The site compares furniture prices and offers from 75 of the largest UK manufacturers using a completely unique and custom piece of software developed personally by myself. We currently have over 145,000 products (and counting) on the site and rank extremely well for exact match long tail keywords.

We have recently integrated some of the largest UK companies from AffiliateWindow (all completely automated using their product feeds). These have only recently been added to the site which is why we haven't made any money on this platform yet. After Google indexes the URLs I am expecting some good fully autopilot income from this platform.

Is the site easy to manage? Can somebody non-technical run / maintain the site?
The site is extremely intuitive and easy to manage. It is built on the Wordpress / WooCommerce platform so there is absolutely no technical knowledge needed to run / maintain the site.

Integrating new feeds is a breeze - I will provide training to the new owner along with help documents which walk you through the entire process - the custom piece of software does the hard work and keeps the feeds up to date along with matching products and finding the best deals.

What is included in the sale?
Ownership of domains:

Ownership of social media accounts:
Facebook: FurnitureCompare
Twitter: FurniCompare

Full website code.

Chrome Plugin + Source Code

As the AffiliateFuture account isn't transferable I will have a new account setup with the same suppliers + the links changed on all of the products changed before the handover. I have spoken to my contact at AffiliateFuture and he is more than happy to set this up once the site has been sold.

AffiliateWindow account WITH the current balance just for ease of transfer. As of 09/02/2017, the current balance is £522.35.

Full support to get the site up and running for the new owner.

Is there anything unique or interesting about the business? Anything mentionable?
Custom software is the heart of this business' I have personally developed the software to compare and match the best deals on all products on the feeds (and any future feeds) we integrate with.

Completely custom Chrome Extension (see Chrome Extension section).

I spent ALOT of time on this software to make sure it was usable and also scalable so it could integrate with almost any product feed. If the feed is well structured you can integrate it into the site. The software will then automatically link and find savings on all products across the site.

Some of the feeds can have up to 40,000+ products and the software can handle this flawlessly.

As far as I can tell no other business compares as many products in this niche like we do.


We have a nice section on the site where we are displaying 100% unique codes for our supplies. We have a good relationship with our affiliates so we can request codes that are unique to

The codes are often a higher discount percentage than the generic ones the suppliers send out which is an absolutely great way to grow the subscriber base and also for inbound leads. It would be the go-to site for Furniture discount codes when the site grows.

The coupons are fully integrated with our Chrome Plugin - See the Chrome Plugin section below for a full breakdown.

Chrome Plugin

I have personally developed a unique, powerful and extremely well designed Chrome Plugin that goes with the site.

When the customer has the extension is installed whilst the customer is browsing various furniture sites if they land on a site where there is a valid coupon the extension will show a notification that a coupon has been found. When clicking the extension it will display information about the offer, discount percentage and the code itself. I have attached a GIF of the extension working. You are free to try it out and head over to as an example.

Best of all the plugin is fully integrated into the CMS of the live site! So any coupons that have been added to will work seamlessly with the extension - just simply add the coupon in a few clicks and the extension will automatically update in real-time.

We have a fantastic relationship with a few of our affiliates so we get completely unique codes for This has only been recently developed but the extension alone has a huge market and an absolutely fantastic way to get the brand name out there.

You can install the Chrome extension here:

All the code for this will be given to the new owner and the extension will be transferred to the new owner.

Why is the business being sold?
I am looking to spend more time on my main business. I have spread myself very thin as of late running several business' which I am now selling to fund my main venture.

As this site is on autopilot I am more than happy to keep and slowly grow the site if it doesn't fetch the right price. The potential here is massive and I know this site will generate me a nice side income in its current state.

*************** BUSINESS MODEL ********************

How does the business make money?
The business makes money via affiliates - we have been accepted onto some of the biggest UK companies affiliate schemes. The schemes are EXTREMELY difficult to get accepted onto.

The more sales you make on a platform means you more up to a higher commission tier. The higher the tier the more commission you get per sale.

To date we have been accepted onto 75 affiliate schemes, the list is as follows:

AffiliateFuture (12 advertisers)
> Harveys Furniture
> Made In Design
> Bensons for Beds
> Canterbury Oak
> Design my World
> Dwell
> Grand Furniture
> Mattress Tomorrow
> Oceans Rattan Furniture
> Dormeo
> Dotmaison
> Naken

AffiliateWindow (53 advertisers) - only recently been added to the site

> B & Q
> Silentnight
> Tesco Direct
> Furniture Village
> CFS Online
> Laura Ashley
> Wordstores
> Beddeck Home
> House of Fraser
> Wayfair
> Savapoint
> Darlings of Chelsea
> Oak Furniture Solutions
> Choice Furniture Superstore
> Bed Star Ltd
> Beanbagbazaar
> Mattress Man
> Pebble Grey
> The Sofa Company
> Lombok
> Oak Furniture King
> OKA Direct
> WITHIN home
> Scotts of Stow
> The Range
> Sofas and Stuff Limited
> hydeandsleep
> Sheridan UK
> Barker and Stonehouse
> Multiyork Furniture
> Utility Design
> Modern
> Eve Mattress
> Furntastic
> Smallable
> Hayson Interiors
> Bed Store
> Sheridan UK
> Rattan Direct
> Memory Foam Warehouse
> Cox and Cox
> Maisons du Monde
> Furniture Today
> Mattress Online
> Great Furniture Trading Company

Some of the commission rates can become very high if you sell a lot of units per month - some suppliers have an AOV of more than £700. Some suppliers offer commission at over 20%. That's £140 PER SALE. Across all affiliate platforms, the income potential here is massive.

In one instance we have had a single sale over £200.

The flow is as follows:
1. Customer visits your website.
2. Customer finds product/clicks on a banner which takes them to the supplier website.
3. The customer places an order through said website.
4. Money then goes into your affiliate account.

I added Google Adsense towards the end of December and I have seen good success - each month it's generating a steady income.

Are different types of revenue streams?
AdSense was integrated towards the end of December 2016 and we have good success. There is still massive potential here for the new owner to branch out into new revenue streams.

We have just created the Chrome Plugin so this is something the new owner should pursue.

How much time does it take the current owner to run?
It takes 1 hour per week currently - as all of the feeds are now integrated and fully automated it will be even less. Sometimes there is a new product category every once in a while on one of the feeds which will need organising but this takes a matter of minutes.

Now the feeds have been integrated I currently spend < 1 hour per week on the site.

There is time needed if you want to integrate even more feeds but once they are setup they are completely automated - it doesn't take long to add new feeds and help will be given to the new owner.

What are the daily operations like and who’s responsible?
There are essentially no daily operations as the site is now completely on autopilot.

I am the only individual running the business.

I would advise that the new owner makes use of the sales and offers our advertisers provide us on a daily basis. This would be great for social media/email marketing.

Every now and then I will send out an email to my suppliers asking for unique coupon codes and then update the coupon section on the site.

Do you have any employees? If so, how much time do they spend on average, and how are they compensated?
No employees within the business, and not required due to the simple structure and little complexity of the business.

Have you done any Search Engine Optimisation? If so, what level of SEO effort is required for the site to maintain its current traffic levels?
On page SEO was carried out from the offset - the site was built to rank very well for long-tail keywords which is where the majority of our traffic comes from. Apart from that, no SEO has been done - now that the on page SEO has been completed there is NO work involved to maintain the current traffic levels.

To your knowledge, has the site ever received any search engine penalties (manual or algorithmic)?

Do you or have you ever purchased traffic? If so, please provide a brief overview
No paid traffic.

All traffic is organic through Google where we rank extremely well for exact match long tail keywords. I can give access to our Google Analytics - just give me a message with your email address.

Do you run any other marketing campaigns, such as display advertising, social media marketing, offline advertising or anything else?
No other marketing campaigns carried out. The new owner should optimise email campaigns and social media as our advertisers have some excellent offers they send to us frequently.

What are the primary growth opportunities that you see for the business going forward?
The growth opportunities for the business are to start to use the newsletter sign ups to drive growth and sales, as to date I am yet to send out any newsletters.

Advertise the Chrome Extension - companies like Money Saving Expert love stuff like this so you can always ask them to write/tweet about it.

Optimise the use of the blog. (Already integrated we just don't use it)

Opportunities to sell Banner space when there are is more traffic coming to the site.

Integrate more feeds for more coverage - there are tonnes of affiliate platforms like Commission Junction with some huge household names which would fit in perfectly with the site.

Dropship / sell other products on the site - this is already functional on the site but this is an avenue we haven't explored.

Expand overseas - the US market here is huge and they have some incredible affiliate schemes there. All you need to do is purchase a domain name, duplicate the site and integrate the US feeds. This can be done by myself or another developer for the right price (included in the BIN)

What was the end goal of the business'
We had a solid end goal in mind with this site - think about this, with each visitor you have the following information:
> The exact product they want
> The budget they want to spend on the product
> Where the product is from
> All the product information, e.g. size, colour, dimensions etc.

We have a list of all the most popular products from our suppliers. So what would we do with this information?

Well the lead we get from a single click is a goldmine - my vision was to set up my own furniture company, get all the most popular products made for using the information we have and have a slightly lower price point. I would then update for each of these products and send the lead to my own furniture site.

For example, if we get a lot of clicks on Product X from Company Y - I would get Product X made for my own furniture company and on update Product X to say Company Y has this at £xxx but at [Your Furniture Company] we stock this at £xxx.

As you will only be stocking a smaller range of products this gives you scope to get these made in bulk giving you much higher margins. The leads are already there to send directly to your own furniture company.

The lead is there with every click and we think the above method is the best way of monetizing that lead.

Are there initiatives you have yet to explore and do you think they may lead to significant growth?
As above newsletter marketing, is a great way to promote the brand and begin to start building a loyalty base with existing customers. We get deals and offers from our advertises daily which would be fantastic to send out on newsletters.

Chrome extension is a must to start advertising, it has great viral potential.

************* Additional Questions *******************

Does the business carry any inventory? If so, approximately how much inventory does the business keep at any given time and is any current inventory included in the price?
No stock kept.

Are you the original owner of the business?
I am the original owner of the business.

Are there any rights, trademarks, intellectual property included in the sale?


Where is the site hosted and does this need to change after purchase?
We use WordPress / WooCommerce as our platform.

Normally with a site of this size (145,000 products), all the features it has, the number of plugins etc you would expect the hosting to be extremely expensive. However, with a lot of time has been spent optimising the site, it's built on an extremely powerful and quick server stack and best of all we only pay £19.99 per month for our hosting.

The site is incredibly quick and it's built to scale into a million+ product site.

Please describe your main competitors, and what makes the website better than its competition?
No big competition in this market. Some sites like:

None of these sites even come close to the usability/product count that has.

Are there any geographical limitations to the potential buyer of the business (i.e. do they need to be based in a particular country, region or time zone to handle customer enquiries or to take over the financial and other accounts)?
Absolutely not, in the odd case I have called some of the companies for some information for customers.

There is also scope to broaden the business to the US - the .com domain and mirroring the site on there to reach international buyers.

******************* EXTRAS *************************

I setup goal tracking to see how many people clicked on the 'View Product' button and optimised the site to where it is today. We have a 22.22% goal conversion rate to date. See screenshot for a further breakdown.

I want to be 100% transparent throughout the entire process - I will answer any questions to the best of my ability throughout the auction.

If needed - I will set time aside to jump onto Skype or a phone call to help transfer the site over. I will always be contactable via email if any questions are needed after the auction.

I will help the new owner with the transfer/setup of the entire website. If the new owner is not technical I can provide hosting and CDN integration for an extremely competitive monthly price.

My aim is to ensure the new buyer is 100% satisfied with the new website - if you are non-technical don't worry I will help you through the entire process.

We will accept payment via Escrow and Paypal! 50% Escrow fee will be paid by buyer. (PayPal preferred)

I do have an eCommerce hosting package which will be offered to the new buyer at a discounted price - please PM me if this is something you are interested in. (This also includes CDN hosting to ensure that the web site runs efficiently and loads fast)

Some of the commission rates can become very high if you sell a lot of units per month - some suppliers have some very high AOV (£800+). Some offer commision at over 20% for the higher tiers. You can make some insane cash per sale. Across all platforms the income potential here is massive. Even working at a low sale rate.

If you could get only 1000 click throughs per week (easily obtainable with natural growth) that's £1,500+ per week at the current EPC. This site could easily bring the new owner in over £5,000 p/m with some work.

I am available to chat on Skype about the site: Send me a PM and I'll give you my Skype username.

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