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UK Coffee Map

Which Part of the UK is the Most Caffeinated?

Using data on the amount of Google searches for different kinds of coffee, we were able to assign a caffeinated rating – from 1 to 1,000 – to each region of the UK and see where in the UK is most interested in coffee.

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We found that whilst England is very fond of the drink, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland hardly search for it at all. Coffee tastes grow the further down England you go, however Lancashire and neighbour Sefton are the two most caffeinated regions of the UK, scoring the highest for number of searches across the UK.

South Yorkshire and Tyne & Wear also appear in the top ten, however Yorkshire mainstays Bradford and York score low, with 169 and 132 respectively (with the average being 211). Seemingly Yorkshire Tea is too well established in Yorkshire!

Based on our research, we found the top ten caffeinated regions of the UK are:

The lowest scoring place in the UK was Inverclyde, Scotland, scoring only 18 out of a possible thousand. Of the ten least caffeinated areas, Scotland has one, Wales has three, and Northern Ireland has four. The ten least caffeinated regions are:

We also looked at which types of coffee are the nation’s favourites, and found some interesting results. Espresso is the UK’s favourite coffee search, Cappuccinos are favoured over Lattes, and Expresso (the incorrect spelling of Espresso) is more commonly searched for than the terms Coffee Shop, Americano or Frappucino.

It seems that whilst England is a nation of coffee lovers, the sentiment isn’t felt in Wales, Scotland or Ireland, with the exception of the capital cities. The South of England is far more interested in coffee than the North, with the areas around London and Devon all scoring highly on the caffeinated scale. Lancashire and Sefton are the two most caffeinated regions of the UK, and Essex is the most caffeinated region in the South.

Were you surprised by the results? What’s your favourite coffee? Be sure to let us know in the comments! Alternatively if you’re looking to buy a coffee shop, you can find our available coffee shops for sale here.

Posted on January 07, 2016 |

By Tom Jeffries

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