Top tips for running a successful restaurant

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Top tips for running a successful restaurant

This month, we had a chat with Richard, who owns a beautiful brasserie located in Settle, North Yorkshire. A lucky few of you reading this, may have already had the pleasure of visiting this fantastic business before. Richard infact used to be a customer and competitor of the business when it first opened. We get a lot of questions from people thinking of buying their own restaurant, so we decided to ask Richard about the secret to his success, and what he plans to do once this business is sold!

When deciding to become a business owner, why did you choose the restaurant trade?

Since I left school at 16 I have always been a chef and from an early stage knew I wanted my own place. The freedom of working for myself. I had been in the industry 18 years by the time I bought The Brasserie, so was some what of a veteran.

How did you decide on your concept?

Having been a customer and competitor of the Brasserie since it opened in 2012 I had always thought it could and should be so much more than it was, the original target audience envisioned by the concept simply did not exist in the area. When I first started looking at the business seriously I knew it would have to adapt to thrive, so using my local knowledge, connections, suppliers and staff we moulded the business into what it is today. You have to establish who your customer base is and what they want, without this basic knowledge then you are on a fast track to nowhere.

Compared to other local businesses and large chains, how did you know your business would become the success it is?

Within our area we do not have any large chains, the great community spirit of the area would probably never support a large brand. The main competition is all from local pubs, cafes and restaurants, some of which are very good. However we established ourselves to offer something different within the community that the other business couldn’t offer. We offer locally sourced, seasonal and freshly made food for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. We also have a friendly service and enjoy the interaction with the customers.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to anyone looking to own a restaurant?

Get comfy shoes, you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet!! But mainly planning and customer knowledge are key, you could be offering the most amazing adventurous star rated food, if that is not what your core customer base wants, then you are in trouble.

Your location and premises are beautiful - does being outside of the main town help you keep apart from the competition?

Being out of town has some pitfalls, mainly the footfall past the door, we are not as easily accessible to the casual diner as a pub on the high street. However we do have 40,000+ cars a week passing our front door, heading to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, we are a hotspot for tourists, walkers, business professionals and groups of friends and families meeting up. Offering food from 8.30am until 5.30pm and takeaway options, we are always there when the customer wants us.

What has been the greatest challenge so far?

Being part of a small complex of independent shops means there is occasionally companies coming and going changing the face of The Courtyard, several having outgrown their units here and moved into larger space more suited to them. The changing dynamics and offering have been a challenge at times.

What has been the greatest reward so far?

The greatest reward has been the open kitchen, never having worked in one before I was apprehensive at first, however the contact with the customers has been invaluable for communicating and fostering a relationship with the public.

Anything else you'd like to share with the potential new owner of this business?

The Brasserie is a great little restaurant with lovely regular customers and the only reason we are looking to sell the business is to move back to my home town, if we could pick up The Brasserie and take it with us then we would.


This business is a hugely rare opportunity to own a business in the highly sought after Yorkshire Dales region. Richard has built strong foundations for the Brasserie to continue trading successfully and for a new owner who shares the same passion for hard work, to take it even further. Find out more and talk to Richard today here:

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