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Los Pollos Hermanos

If Breaking Bad's Los Pollos Was Legit How Much Would It Be Worth?

If Gus left the meth game just how much would Los Pollos be worth legit?



Having grown Los Pollos to fourteen stores, did Gus really need the meth empire as well?

Our team have trawled through hours of Breaking Bad to view all the episodes where Los Pollos featured. We spent around 10 hours in total watching episodes and calculating the value based on experience selling real businesses. We've arrived at a valuation based on the 14 stores that Gus owned across New Mexico.

Read on to find out how much money Gus was making from chicken and ultimately how much his legit business was actually worth!

Annual Revenue From Los Pollos (Restaurant Only!)



Gus knew how to fill a fast food restaurant, and the chains never looked empty in the series (especially with Walter's increasingly frequent visits).

We calculated that based on the menu which is visible below that each restaurant would be making $2,500 a day.

Therefore with 14 restaurants, Gus' legitimate revenue was likely to be around $35,000 a day. That's an impressive $12,775,000 a year!

Los Pollos Annual Revenue



Los Pollos Average Property Value



The Pollos building is a fairly decent size, with a good location and car park. Based on similar buildings, a freehold value of £150,000 / $228,000 wouldn’t be too unrealistic.

Los Pollos Revenue Per Restaurant



Los Pollos Asset Value Per Restaurant (think chicken fryers, machinery, those awesome tables, etc)

Inside Los Pollos


Fully committed to running his restaurants as inconspicuously as possible, Gus invested in everything a chicken restaurant would need. From fryers to grills, the asset value is £15,000 / $22,800. It’s important to remember that Gus ran fourteen of the Los Pollos Hermanos establishments, meaning all values have to be multiplied by fourteen to give us a grand total of:

The restaurant in Albuquerque does have its own Yelp page - although the scores are average at only 3.5 stars out of 5 with some customers questioning the goings on:

“The weird bald guy — always there, never eating! Have you guys seen him??”

“The former owner was a cut-throat perfectionist — which is why this place has gone downhill since his unfortunate departure from the company. Now they’re always looking for new cooks ‘cause no one can seem to get the recipe right!”



Los Pollos Asset Value Per Restaurant



Los Pollos Total Valuation - Enough to Make Gus Reconsider His Dedication To The Meth Game?



If Gustavo Fring ever wants to quit the meth trade and live a clean, law-abiding life, he could easily do so by selling his Los Pollos Hermanos restaurants. As he owns fourteen of them he could sell them individually to try and get maximum profit for each one, or sell them in bulk for nearly seven million pounds. Not bad for a second job!

We Value The Los Pollos Business At



What would you do – leave the meth game and live off your legally-gained fried chicken money? Let us know in the comments below!

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Posted on October 30, 2015 |

By Tom Jeffries

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