Edith's House Cafe - How Two London Actors Made Their Grandma’s House A Must See Tourist Destination

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At Bizdaq we see different businesses signing up everyday to start their selling journey. Every so often a business will come on board that is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Edith’s House, a cafe based in Crouch End, London caught our eye when they signed up a few months ago. A new approach to the traditional London cafe that clearly stands out from the crowd...or should that be an old approach? Designed to look exactly like your Grandma’s house, Edith’s is a charming reminder of the good old days and is extremely popular in the community.

We caught up with the owner’s of Edith’s House to find out more about this amazing business...

Edith's Kitchen
The Kitchen is always the heart of the home. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business partner? 

I’m from Leicestershire and my partner is Hertfordshire. We were both actors when we first met ten years ago. I (Eaton) was working mainly in musical theatre and Michael was performing in predominantly plays and physical theatre. It was great fun but we found that spending so many months on tour was becoming more and more tiresome and we both longed to have more control in our lives. We decided it would be a dream come true to open our own business and be our own bosses.   

What inspired you to open this unique café / What is your story – how did your journey begin? 

When we decided that opening a cafe would be the best direction to go in we started thinking ‘Where would people most like to go to relax?’ Talking about memories of being children we were both really excited at the idea of re-creating a generic ‘Grandma’s house’. This concept then linked in with the idea of serving traditional and nostalgic food and beverages. This is how ‘Edith’s House’ was conceived.

Why did you decide to set up shop in Crouch End?

We live in Angel so it seemed sensible to stay in North London. We scouted a few areas but we kept coming back to Crouch End. Crouch End is the only place in London I know that feels like a village. It just felt like the perfect place for our shop. It’s also a very creative and bohemian suburb so we knew that the locals would definitely embrace our interesting and quirky concept.

Edith's Dining Room - Edith's House Cafe
Who want's to help us set the table...

What is the best thing about working in Edith’s Café? The customers, the staff, the food?

I think the best thing about working here are the locals and residents of Crouch End. Everybody knows each other and there is a real sense of community. It’s something that I’ve never experienced in any other area of London and it feels very special. We are so grateful to our regulars and it’s always a pleasure to walk through Crouch End and say ‘hi’ to all the familiar faces we have come to know. We also have a great team here at Edith’s, which feels like a special working family. Plus the food is incredible!

Can you tell us a bit more about when and how your business has been used as a filming location?

Obviously, because of our quirky design and layout, we have had lots of filming requests. The ones that stick in my mind are a hip hop video shoot where the rappers were filmed drinking from china teacups, a VT for a prime time magician competition program in which our resident French bulldog, Roux, was featured and a high end editorial fashion shoot in which an elegant model dripping in Gucci was reclining on our frilly pink toilet seat.

Edith's Bathroom - Edith's House Cafe
Table for two? I'm sure we've got room somewhere...

What do your customers say about visiting Edith’s Café – it’s local reputation must be brilliant?

It never gets boring when someone walks into the shop for the very first time. It is so entertaining for us to see there reaction. Often we witness fits of giggles but occasionally we’ve had customers in tears. Sometimes something as simple as an ornament or piece of china reminds them of a late friend or relative. Our younger clientele obviously don’t feel as nostalgic but they find the irony hilarious.

Do you have a favourite “room” in Edith’s Café? – we thought the bathroom was especially fun!

I’m tempted to say that my favourite area is the toilet but if ever I bring family to my café I always request the bedroom. For me it’s the most comfortable and secluded area. Perfect for catching up with family and friends.

Edith's Bedroom
Breakfast in bed available!

Where do you see this business heading in the future? What could the next buyer look to achieve? Do you have any advice for them or ideas that would grow the business?

The possibilities are endless. A new owner should definitely start thinking about pop up cocktail evenings and they should also focus more on the evening private hire side as this has been very successful and lucrative for us.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us? Be that about your sale, the business itself or even what your next steps are?

We have been working in this industry for over five years and it has brought us so much joy but we are now looking to try something new. Edith’s House is very personal to us but it connects with everyone. Edith’s House is a celebration of Nannas and Grandmas everywhere and the new owners should be true to what the shop represents and that is the joy of childhood. For anyone with a creative mind the possibilities are infinite and I am certain that this cafe will continue to enrich and excite the new owners lives as it has for us over the past three.

Edith's Front Room - Edith's House Cafe
No shoes on the sofa

With Eaton and Michael now ready to move out of Edith's House and take on their next adventure,the time has come for this business to move forward with a new owner. 

If you are looking for a unique and well established business to call your own, then this may be the one for you. This exciting opportunity won't be available for long, so get in touch today using the link below. After all - there's no place like home.

Edith's House Cafe is currently for sale on Bizdaq.
Find out more about this truly unique opportunity

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By Gemma Muir

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