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If Ghostbusters Was a Real Business, How Much Would It Be Worth?

We wanted to know how much Ghostbusters would be worth as a business proposotion to anybody considering Ghostbusting!

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Taking into account everything from the firehouse headquarters to the Proton Packs to the Ecto-1, we’ve put together a realistic valuation of how much it would cost to buy the Ghostbusting business. Whilst reportings of hauntings might put some buyers off (and reduce the price), we’re going to assume anyone interested in buying it is completely fine with ghosts!

We’re going to value the business in today’s money, and adjust for inflation from 1984. This way we’ll be able to give a representative price in today’s market.

How Much Money Are Egon, Winston,Ray and Peter Making Busting Ghosts in 1980's New York?

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When it comes to valuing ghost-busting businesses, the first thing we look at is revenue. Whilst they never mention how much their revenue is, we do get a glimpse into their pricing structure when they capture Slimer in the Sedgewick Hotel:

Ghostbusters Annual Revenue



Firehouse Rental In New York's Most Desirable Neighbourhood

Ghostbusters Firehouse


Rent is something the guys will have had to think about, and unfortunately for them they’re in a very expensive area.




How Much Would All of the Ghostbusters Gear Be Worth?

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Assets are the things the company owns, and are part of what a buyer would be purchasing when they purchase the business. For the Ghostbusters, this means everything from the Proton Packs to the Ghost Sniffer and even the Ecto-1.

Ghostbusters Asset Value



Value of Their Containment Unit

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Whilst you might not think a services business would have stock, they do have a Containment Unit full of ghosts (although they never say how many ghosts it can take, they do say it’s “getting crowded”).

The Ongoing Costs of Busting

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It’s not all fun and games for the Ghostbusters, and even they will have to think about outgoings. Rent, wages, electricity – all things Ray, Egon, Peter and Winston will have to think about.

Total Outgoings



Ghostbusters Total Valuation

Ghostbusters Akroyd

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Looking at everything going for and against Ghostbusters, you’ve got to admit it could be a great business with a few small changes. The amazing brand awareness (everyone knows who they’re gonna call when there’s something strange in their neighbourhood), the opportunity for growth and the growing prominence of the occult all help the sale, and make the opportunity more attractive to a potential buyer.

The very high annual turnover is great to see, however the company has exceedingly high outgoings, spending almost half of all takings on expenses. Still, by our calculations their gross profit is over half a million dollars in their first year, which is the sign of a potentially very profitable business.

Having taken everything into consideration, crunched the numbers and calculated the calculations, we get a valuation of $627,483 or £426,598 for Ghostbusters. Not bad for a first-year start-up!

We Value The Ghostbusters At



How Much would Ghostbusters be Worth Today Infographic