How much would the Leftorium be worth in real life?

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How much would the Leftorium be worth in real life?

How much would the Leftorium be worth in real life?

We know Ned struggles with the Leftorium, but how much would it be worth if he sold it?

The Leftorium with Ned Flanders outside

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Ned Flanders puts his heart and soul into the Leftorium, but it always seems to be struggling - whether it's a lack of customers or an increase in competition, there's always something. If he decided to get sell-up, how much could he expect to make?

How Much Money does the Leftorium make?

The left-handed roadster from the Simpsons episode When Flanders Failed

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Ned seems to get by, but not by a lot - competition for the left-handed market is fierce in Springfield, with multiple larger stores making a dent in the Leftorium's earnings. This could be due to one in three Springfielders being left-handed, like the show's creator Matt Groening.

The Leftorium Revenue



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How Much is the Leftorium property worth?

Springfield residents looting Ned Flanders' Leftorium

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The Leftorium is based in Springfield Mall, which means Ned will be leasing the property, and he won't be able to use its value to help the valuation.

Property Value (Towards the Valuation)



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How Much are the Leftorium's Stock and Assets Worth?

The stock level of the Leftorium

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As Ned doesn't have much in the way of assets, we've included the stock in his valuation, to help him try and get a bit more money for his hard work.

Leftorium Stock and Asset Value



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So How Much is the Leftorium Ding-Dang-Doodily Worth?

Ned Flanders burning his tie on a barbecue

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Ned might want to consider going back to being a salesman in the pharmaceutical industry, as he’s barely scraping by with the Leftorium. If it wasn’t for the stock, Ned’s business would almost be worth nothing at all… nothing at all… nothing at all!

We Value The Leftorium At



Posted on September 19, 2016 | the Simpsons

By Tom Jeffries

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