How much is Cluckin' Bell worth?

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If Cluckin' Bell was a real business, how much would it be worth?

Can the GTA fast food franchise beat its Breaking Bad counterpart?

The second video game business in our list, how does Cluckin’ Bell fare against Breaking Bad competitor Los Pollos Hermanos?

We, as we’re sure a lot of people, have played a fair amount of Grand Theft Auto, putting us in a perfect place to come up with the valuation. Cluckin’ Bell has more establishments (nineteen versus Los Pollos Hermanos’ fourteen) but can that help push its value above that of the New Mexico counterpart?

Read our valuation of the business with the world’s worst employee motivation record below.

East Los Santos CB

Rockstar Games

Cluckin' Bell Property Value

Cluckin' Bell Interior

Rockstar Games

The chain has nineteen stores in a plethora of different places – from the middle of Liberty City to the rural back roads of Tierra Robada. The varied location of the properties – from the middle of nowhere to the centre of busy cities - leads us to estimate its average price at $228,000 – the same as Los Pollos Hermanos. Multiplied by the nineteen stores, we reach $4.3m.

Cluckin' Bell Property Value



Cluckin' Bell Weekly Takings

Cluckin' Bell Food

Rockstar Games

The game’s meals come in at $2 for the Cluckin’ Little Meal, $5 for the Cluckin’ Big Meal, $10 for the Cluckin’ Huge Meal and $10 for the Salad Meal. We added these up and got to an average order value of $6.75. With ten customers an hour and a 24-hour opening time, we get $1,620 a day, and $11,340 a week. Between all the stores, we reach the estimate below.

Cluckin' Bell Weekly Takings



Cluckin' Bell Asset Value

Cluckin' Bell Interior II

Rockstar Games

With each of the restaurants being of a similar size to Los Pollos, and being in the same industry, it’s a fair assumption to say that they’d have the same equipment – and thus the same asset value.

Cluckin' Bell Asset Value



Cluckin' Bell Total Value

Cluckin' Bell Employee

Rockstar Games

Although Cluckin’ Bell has more franchises, it’s fallen behind on customers; meaning its value is below that of physical counterpart Los Pollos Hermanos. The lower customer base could be a result of the chain’s marketing efforts or its employees’ lacklustre attempts at customer service.

We Value Cluckin' Bell At



Posted on October 30, 2015 |

By Tom Jeffries

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