Can I Sell a Failing Business?

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Can I Sell a Failing Business?

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your business. One of those reasons may be because the business isn’t doing so well, and you would rather take a step back and sell up shop. Accepting that your business may not be doing so well can be difficult, and there is no doubt you did everything you could to try and save it. 

In many cases, selling a failing business could be an option, even if it is your last resource. You might think that selling a business that isn’t doing so well is an impossible task, but you may be surprised. No matter the business type or condition, there are many reasons why buyers could be interested in purchasing a failing business.

There is a market out there for business buyers who believe they can turn around failing businesses and increase their value once again. This could be a promising prospect if you are hoping to sell your business. 

How to Sell a Failing Business

If you are hoping to sell a failing business, getting it ready for market is very similar to if you were selling a profitable business. However, there are additional considerations you should make. 

If outstanding legal issues are surrounding your business, most buyers will likely avoid it completely. It is important to clear any legal issues first, and then consider clearing as many debts as you can. 

While some failing businesses are sold successfully with debts, it is in your best interests to clear as many as possible to ensure a stronger final price for your business. 

Why Someone Might Buy a Failing Business

There may be opportunities for you to ensure your business still looks appealing despite its negative financial circumstances. Buyers might consider purchasing a failing business for many reasons, including acquiring your customer base or office location. They may be interested in completely restructuring the business in order to make a profit. 

By considering these reasons, you can make sure you sell your business in the right light. Through Bizdaq’s online platform, you can tailor your advert perfectly. 

The potential buyer may have seen a popular service or product that you work with and might see a way to streamline the business to improve its efficiency. 

Be Patient and Honest

As with any business sale, it is important to be both patient and honest. You should be transparent when it comes to the current state of your business to establish trust with potential buyers. 

There is little point sugar-coating any losses or failures, as they will no doubt be revealed later in the selling process. You are much better off being honest about it from the beginning.

Similarly, the pool of potential buyers could be smaller due to the failing nature of your business. This means you may have to wait longer than usual for enquiries to come in. In some cases, you might consider reaching out to others to generate interest in your business. 

If you’re looking for more advice on selling your business, get in touch with us today.

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