Top tips for building strong customer loyalty

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Top tips for building strong customer loyalty

As a central part of a community, cafes often rely on regular trade to be profitable. Therefore connecting with your customers and developing loyalty will be critical to your success.

We’ve provided our top tips for ensuring that you establish your café as a central part of your community and secure the essential regular trade.

Provide great customer service

Go the extra mile to meet your customer’s needs. Positive customer service results in repeat business so it’s vital that your customers feel like as though they are being treated well. Our café owners featured in our series of guides give the following advice for providing awesome customer service:

  • Acknowledge all customers that enter your café within a minute of entering. Everybody loves to feel welcomed and acknowledged so this is crucial.
  • Ensure your café has a comfortable temperature at all times of the year.
  • Make eye contact with customers and be sure to engage in conversation with people that look open to talking (not everybody will want to!).
  • Lead by example! Don’t rely on employees to be social. They will be looking to you for inspiration so be enthusiastic and courteous with customers.
  • Sometimes it’s all about the little things. Small gestures can foster enormous customer loyalty like offering a cold glass of water on a hot day or a children’s play area will be sure to set you apart from the coffee chains.

Build employee loyalty too!

Don’t underestimate the importance of building the loyalty of your employees towards you and your business. If you build loyalty within your employees, they’ll be more likely to provide excellent customer service that increases customer loyalty.

Train your employees thoroughly

Your employees are the face of your cafe or coffee shop business so it is within your own interest to provide them with excellent training. Create engaging and positive training sessions. Boring training session are a waste of time and money and risk fostering a negative attitude towards the business.

Encourage engagement in your training sessions and explain to you employees how it will help them do their job more efficiently and why it is ultimately good for business.

Provide customer incentives

Providing customer incentives give people with a reason to return to your business. These incentives can come in many forms such as loyalty cards, buy one get one free and and gifts.

Ensure your incentives are appropriate for your target market as these can boost business during your quieter periods and build a loyal customer base in your community.

Posted on November 10, 2015 |

By Chloe Suret

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