Build a Business Lego Kit

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Build a Business Lego Kit

Build a Business Lego Kit

Give your buyers a scale model of your business!

Exclusive - The world's first service offering buyers the chance to build a scale model of your business. Photos and floor plans often don't provide the exact perspective that buyers are looking for. This Lego set of your business will.

  • Allow potential buyers to build a scale model of your business
  • Give people an idea of the feel and flow without spending time on real viewings
  • Stand out from other businesses by giving people a model to build
  • REAL Lego blocks for people to use and reuse
  • No need to worry about bad photos reducing interest in your business
  • Model can be kept as a memento

Help Your Buyers Get A Real Perspective Of Your Business' Layout - With Lego!

A common issue in business sales, very much like house sales, is getting a true perspective on the dimensions and layout of a business. Bad angles, poor lighting or wide-angle lenses can often distort the way a business looks, which can turn people off enquiring what could be a very good opportunity. The “Build a Business Kit” allows you to list your business’ size, along with any other features, so that any potential buyers can create a Lego representation of your business completely to scale – no more bad angles or dodgy images to put people off.


This “build before you view” method is especially helpful for people who run busy shops, or want to sell their business confidentially without their staff knowing, as sellers will be able to schedule buyers much more efficiently with buyers already having a feel for the layout of the business before entering. The Build a Business Kit could not only be used to make people interested in buying your business – it would also make a great memento of your sale for you to keep once you’ve exited the business.


All you need to do is provide us with your business’ size, dimensions and any other features (like aisles, counter, doors etc.) and we’ll send out just the right amount of Lego needed, along with design plans, to any interested buyers so they can get a feel of the place before committing to a viewing. As a potential buyer can assess whether they like the business before they come to view it, it can save you a lot of potential time lost, as the number of unsuccessful viewings a seller has will be vastly reduced.


You can pay for the Build Your Own Shop Kit either as potential buyers enquire (i.e. pay for each individual kit each time a buyer registers interest) or you can buy batches of 10, 20 or 35 to distribute as you see fit. The kit will be distributed with bespoke instructions on how to build your business Please get in touch via email for more information on how you can use the Build a Business Kit to generate more interest in your business and for up-to-date estimates on delivery times.

Posted on March 31, 2016 |

By Tom Jeffries

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