5 Ways to Win Over Your Employees

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5 Ways to Win Over Your Employees

Whatever industry you work in, the day-to-day operation of your business isn’t without its challenges. Your staff are no doubt hard workers, and it’s important that while they’re incredibly busy and dedicated, that they also enjoy the working environment. Whether it’s an office-based business, a beauty salon or a catering company, your staff should feel appreciated. 

In turn, this can help the productivity and morale amongst your departments, which is good for business. If you’ve just bought a new business and have acquired its staff, or you’ve hired your own team, it’s important to win them over. There are many different ways to achieve this, and here at Bizdaq, we’ve given some ideas to get you started.

1. Show Empathy

Winning over your staff can be achieved through several different avenues. If you are the boss, senior management or a line manager, it’s key that the staff underneath you feel understood and valued.

Showing empathy to your employees means ensuring you show them that you understand their workloads, personal circumstances or other situations. Making sure they only have as much on their plate as they can handle, you can show empathy and have a good rapport with your employees.

By relating to your employees in conversation and following an empathic leadership style, you can boost your team’s morale and ensure they feel valued.

 2. Offer a Collaborative Approach

You might be the CEO or the director of your business, but it’s important to be collaborative amongst the rest of your team. Instead of displaying a sharp separation between leader and the rest, bridge the gap and show that there is a level playing field.

Not only does this make your employees feel involved, but it can often make them feel more important too. Working together is key in so many industries, whether it’s coming up with creative strategies or rethinking your pricing structure. Make sure your staff feel like they are an integral part of the team might be a small gesture, but it’s one that win definitely win your employees over.

3. Find Solutions

As you are further up the pecking order, employees will no doubt turn to you to find solutions for key business problems. This might even be the same with team issues, problems on projects or even dealing with personal issues. Your staff must know you are there for them, despite being in charge of the business.

Coming up with solutions is an important part of your job, but doing it in the right way is something you need to consider. Not bulldozing your way in and instead of taking the time to understand the problem first can really win over your employees, and show them that you value them.

4. Provide the Occasional Treat

Winning over your employees can be done on a day-to-day basis with small gestures, but what about the occasional treat to offer a reward for their hard work? Company days out, biscuits and cake for the office or anything similar will go a very long way in making your staff feel appreciated. In turn, this means they will enjoy work more and perhaps even have a growing loyalty towards your business.

You might even want to plan an annual Christmas or summer party to make sure your staff have a chance to let their hair down, and bond with each other on a more sociable level. This can ensure everyone feels relaxed and comfortable when it comes to working together and understanding each other’s opinions.

5. Communicate Well

Being able to communicate effectively doesn’t just mean good grammar in your emails, or responding promptly to someone. It means being able to articulate your ideas and also being able to listen to someone else’s!

As a business owner, there is a time for making decisions but there is also a time for bringing in other people’s opinions. Your employees must know you can do both when the time arises. This could result in employees being more willing to follow your decision, as well as wanting to contribute more to the team. 

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