5 Tips for Building Strong Customer Loyalty

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5 Tips for Building Strong Customer Loyalty

Most small business owners would agree that competitive markets make attracting and retaining customers somewhat of a challenge. It can be difficult for business owners to know which methods really work so we’ve pulled together 5 quick and simple tips that will ensure your customer service remains at the top of its game, keeping your customers loyal.

Utilise Technology

Use technology to track your customers' user experience. Creating custom reward programmes for your business enables you to reward your customers for promoting your business on social media. These programmes are great ways for individuals to recommend and promote your business, as well as retaining customer loyalty through rewarding your customers via a point system. Customers can then track their points balance online which can usually be synced up and integrated with most point of sale software. Utilising apps that can be connected to social media is one of the most effective ways to get authentic customer referrals to your business.

Analytical software can also be downloaded and used to track customer behaviour, from the purchases they make to the frequency of the site visits. Having access to this data allows you to then contact your customers with targeted offers and promotional deals. Contacting customers with targeted information increases their engagement leading to a much higher traction rate. When you give customers an easy way to get rewards, they become much more loyal to the brand.

Thank You Goes a Long Way

Giving away freebies to say thank you is a great way to show your customers you appreciate them. Giving customers free samples of new products, supplying them with a free upgrade or providing them with a discount just because, will never fail to surprise your customers.

If you have the resources, send out personalised gift cards to your most loyal customers. This clearly demonstrates your gratitude as well as giving your business a warmer, likeable personality which businesses can find hard to convey.

Most importantly, don’t forget to thank feedback, positive or negative. Feedback is a way for the customer to help you make your business, product or service better. So even if you receive a scornful email, you owe the individual a thank you because they are actually helping you to improve your business.

Attractive Content

Producing original content on your website in the form of help guides, product reviews or an online blog will ensure customers keep coming back as well helping to increase traffic to your site. Utilising social media channels to promote your latest content is also an effective way of driving customers back to your website so make sure you consistently produce content that is of interest to your customers.

Embrace the Cloud

Adopting cloud-based platforms means that every aspect of your business is online. How technology has developed means that there is now an app or online tool for pretty much anything from analytical tools to social media engagement. Businesses can add a unique function to their processes by simply adopting the necessary app to do so.

Cloud apps make running a business so much easier for the owner, but just as important, it makes for a great customer service experience too. Business information can be accessed at any time in any location with internet access allowing businesses to have real-time interaction with their customers. Utilizing apps that connect with social media is also an effective way to get authentic customer referrals.

Adapting your business to cloud technology provides you with powerful insights into the needs of your customers. Taking advantage of these low cost, and in many cases, free tools will ensure you are giving individuals the best possible customer service experience.

Don’t Get Complacent

Ways to connect and engage with customers are constantly evolving who are a lot smarter than you think. They know how and what they should be targeted with and recognise that value lies within the customer experience and not in cheap prices and fast sales. Focus on delivering what is best for your customer and service your current customers to the best of your ability. It will save you money in the long run as happy customers are a much cheaper and effective marketing tool than paying the advertising costs.

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